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tropical American evergreen tree bearing kidney-shaped nuts that are edible only when roasted

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However, they said more research is needed to fully establish the usefulness of cashew tree to humanity as a source of drugs for the alleviation of illness caused by microorganisms so as to fully harness its potentials.
The lower production for the present experiment can be explained due to the fact that Bandeira (1991) studied the giant type of the cashew tree, and not the dwarf type.
The representative again came to their rescue; we shall plant cashew trees, bananas and pineapple and few sapota trees.
The Dominican government is supplying pine tree, mango, tamarind and cashew tree saplings for the planting.
The investigation analyzed the reputed health benefits of cashew tree products on diabetes, notably whether cashew extracts could improve the body's response to its own insulin.
"Our study validates the traditional use of cashew tree products in diabetes and points to some of its natural components that can serve to create new oral therapies," adds Dr.
33: To which country is the nut-bearing cashew tree native?
Native of the American tropics, the cashew tree belongs to the family Anacardiaceae, which includes tropical and subtropical trees and shrubs, distributed between the parallels 27[degrees] N, in the southeast of Florida, and 28[degrees] S, in South Africa.
The outbreak occurred in previously undisturbed forest where some 400 ha were clearcut to establish a cashew tree plantation.
It is also said that on certain nights the cashew tree on which Count Lopinot allegedly hung his rebellious slaves, could be seen dripping with blood.
In the front yard, under the spreading shade of a large cashew tree, is a thulasi plant surrounded by a cage of thorns to keep the goats away.
(2003), aerial application was carried out by helicopter at a height of about 10 feet above cashew tree plantations.