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for which money has been paid

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As observed by the Fynes, his uneasy appearance on leaving the house arose from the fact that his first trouble having been caused by a cheque of doubtful authenticity, the possession of a document of the sort made him unreasonably uncomfortable till this one was safely cashed.
sighed he, "were we only on the other side the Alps, then we should have summer, and I could get my letters of credit cashed.
I will go and get the draft cashed," she said, "and pay a visit afterwards to poor little Emmy.
For the last four years, Anna, who earns her living working temporary jobs, has cashed her paychecks at one of New Haven's 10 check cashing stores, such as X-Bankers, which sits half a block away.
The scheme was uncovered when a taxpayer caned about an overdue refund and found out that his check had already been cashed.