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for which money has been paid

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1031 exchange using a QI and neither party "cashed out" of its respective exchanged real property).
For the last four years, Anna, who earns her living working temporary jobs, has cashed her paychecks at one of New Haven's 10 check cashing stores, such as X-Bankers, which sits half a block away.
They either had no income, were paid in cash, cashed their checks for free at a supermarket or at the bank that issued the check, or had a friend or relative cash their checks.
The scheme was uncovered when a taxpayer caned about an overdue refund and found out that his check had already been cashed.
This ruling may have considerable utility in a corporate acquisition setting when the acquiring company and the target company would like to give compensatory option holders of the target company the choice between being cashed out of their options or exchanging them for comparable options in the acquiring company.