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a credit card that entitles the holder to receive cash

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NETS' latest innovation, Virtual CashCard, allows motorists to pay for their ERP charges using their credit/debit cards or via their bank account without the need for a physical stored-value card.
"Cyprus proved to be the hardest on the pocket with expenditure on the ICE Travellers Cashcard amounting on average to Au564.54," the company said.
Travellers to Euro destinations are also urged to use a fee free and secure prepaid currency card, such as the ICE Travellers Cashcard, to avoid confusion.
I'm used to dashing round the supermarkets, filling my trolley and handing in my cashcard at the till.
The father repeatedly asked him to return the cashcard, but he found there had been a string of unauthorised withdrawals from his account, totalling pounds 10,780.
The Science Museum has put the fun into saving with this Touchscreen ATM bank, complete with cashcard and pin.
In 1998, Singapore implemented a fully automated system with an in-car unit that accepts a prepaid smartcard called the Cashcard. The system has since been expanded beyond Singapore's downtown restricted zone to its highways and arterial roads.
ICE's Travellers Cashcard is available in pounds, dollars and euros, and is accepted at over 25 million ATMs, shops and restaurants in over 120 countries worldwide.
Soon after, his Peugeot van was seen on CCTV at a petrol station where her cashcard was used to withdraw pounds 200.
The card would have features that combine the functions of a debit card and NETS CashCard.
One way to keep track of spending, which is as flexible as cash, is to use a Travellers cashcard. ICE's prepaid Travellers cashcard enables holidaymakers to upload money before they go on holiday, giving them access to cash anywhere in the world.
The Websters discover Rosie's cashcard has been used, but CCTV reveals it's in someone else's possession.
Budget and independent travel specialist STA Travel has launched a branded prepaid cash card to help young people, the STA Travel Cashcard.
Police investigating the Dixon murders found their cashcard had been used at a cashpoint in Haverfordwest shortly after the killings.
A smart card ("CashCard") would have to be inserted into the transponder.