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a strongbox for holding cash

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Two offenders threatened the security guard with an axe, stole a cashbox and escaped on a red motorbike towards Russells Hall.
Suspects sneaked in through unlocked back kitchen door and stole cashbox and contents.
At inner london crown court children's charity volunteer ryan Doyle, 27, was jailed for 18 months for looting a cashbox from an Argos near elephant and Castle, south london.
A cashbox was stolen during the robbery, which took place at about 9.
A cashbox was stolen, containing an undisclosed amount of cash.
The UBA has proven time after time to offer the highest acceptance rates, which equates to more money in the cashbox.
Corinne Jowett, the tournament treasurer, agreed to bank a load of the money, nearly pounds 4,000, took it home for safekeeping overnight and stuck it all in a cashbox on the kitchen counter.
As Lee Thomas fled from Christopher Brooke's Llancarfan home with electrical goods, a cashbox and DVD player, he was involved in a crash with another car.
Cash and a cashbox were seized in the raid along with 130 bottles of alcopops and cans of beer.
For a modern couple, clear written agreements are as helpful as your wife's cashbox system.
Baum co-founded and is Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Cashbox Games Inc.
Just before 10am, the guard was approached by a man in a balaclava, believed to have been carrying something in his hand, who demanded the cashbox.
It is simply incredible how easy it is to make historical decisions, Rizaov adds and if there is lack of money in the state cashbox, it can be borrowed on the global bank market because we are a desperately low-indebted country.
Professor Bilal Kasami said that as long as the government finds alternatives to repay the debt by taking our new loans, there is no danger for the state cashbox.
The guard had just completed a delivery to the town centre bank when he was attacked by a man who stole a cashbox and ran off.