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able to be converted into ready money or the equivalent

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While we have emphasised the importance of linking to fiscal costs for any discussion of benefits, it is important that estimates of potential benefits of early intervention are aware of the challenges involved in quantifying and ultimately achieving cashable fiscal benefits--tangible, in-year financial savings.
Several of the studies focus on "avoided costs" created by the use of the equipment rather than actual cashable savings and lower demand.
FSCS has returned balances to the vast majority of 2,864 members of the credit union, sending them a cheque for amounts over PS1,000, or money orders for below that figure, cashable at any post office.
An alliance of United States groups committed to transparent public policy and the public good, warns that SIBs' narrow focus on paying for outcomes and cashable savings "precludes investment in primary prevention and addressing the underlying structural inequalities".
The few eligible get their money on an Azure card, cashable only for food in few shops, with no bus money to reach them, intentionally humiliating.
Those suppliers who can demonstrate they have grasped the concept and, importantly, who can articulate both the wider community benefits and the net cashable savings to the public sector, will have a competitive edge when tendering for public sector contracts.
Also, keeping more cash, in spite of reducing the risk, gets the investment opportunities off the bank and will reduce the efficiency of bank resources [5]Maintaining cashable assets to ensure the existence of financial flows to pay the applicants reduce investment opportunities for banks.
In October 2012, Cuyahoga County released a formal request for Pay for Success (PFS) proposals that would present cashable savings to the county by addressing a particular social issue.
And those "cashable" savings wouldn't even include less quantifiable benefits for the rest of the state's residents: reduced wait times at ERs, faster police response times, cleaner streets.
For example, in supporting Birmingham City Council's business transformation project, circa PS600 million of cashable savings will be made by March 2017.
Assignments focus on priorities and best use of resources for cashable votes.
The promoter is Liverpool Echo/Trinity Mirror The prize is a chance for two Everton Football Club fans to meet Leighton Baines and have a tour of Goodison Park The prize is not cashable or refundable and is non transferable The prize is only available to supporters of Everton Football Club The winners will be picked at random from all eligible entries received By participating in this competition, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions Entrants must be 18 years old or over.
Circle provides a universal on-demand service for its members, producing cashable savings for host local authorities and strong social outcomes for its members.
The school equalizing fund provided financial assistance to keep schools open a minimum of seven months and also enabled teachers in qualifying schools to receive a portion of their salary in cashable warrants.
Every day the top five new players receive a $100 cashable chip and the next five get a 500% deposit bonus.