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the excess of cash revenues over cash outlays in a give period of time (not including non-cash expenses)

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In the long run leasing equipment generally costs more than buying, but the cash-flow benefits may justify the increased costs.
A cash-flow budget provides a detailed view of the operation and an early warning system to avoid cash shortfalls.
There is also no guarantee that the disclosed cash-flow sensitivities are related to either short-term or long-term movements of equity values in response to commodity price changes.
It's a two-step test that first determines whether the book value of the reporting unit's acquired assets exceeds the unit's so-called fair value -- typically measured through discounted cash-flow estimates.
As a result of its positive cash-flow generating operating model, Dell's debt financing needs have historically been minimal, and Fitch believes this will not change through the intermediate term.
What happens when a business is faced with an investment opportunity that is a "loser" from a cash-flow perspective (i.