cash surrender value

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the amount that the insurance company will pay on a given life insurance policy if the policy is cancelled prior to the death of the insured

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That third choice is to enter into a life settlement and sell the policy in the secondary market, where it will typically sell for an amount that is significantly higher than the cash surrender value the insurance companies are willing to offer.
Long-term capital gains--from the higher of either the cash surrender value or the federal income tax basis to the net settlement proceeds, since this is a capital asset.
However, significant amounts of capital are being committed to the purchase of BOLI and the build-up of life insurance policy cash surrender value.
The early SGULs were designed to not lapse in the early policy years from lack of cash surrender value.
The ILIT, in a later year, purchases the policy from the PSP for the policy cash surrender value of $500,000.
42 percent annual return, not only would the policy never lapse, but it would have a cash surrender value that exceeds the amount of premiums paid by the end of the 7th year; and have a cash surrender value IRR of 2.
It is often assumed thatthe cash surrender value of a life insurance policy equals its fair market value when selling or distributing the policy from a qualified plan; this may be an erroneous assumption, leading to disastrous results when the transaction is audited.
We believe the cash surrender value method of accounting for life insurance contracts is no longer justified for several reasons:
Loans and withdrawals will reduce the death benefit and cash surrender value, and may cause the policy to lapse.
Alternatively, policyholders who stop making premium payments will have reduced paid up endowment policy benefits based on the cash surrender value.
If the insurance policy lapses due to nonpayment of the premiums or the exhaustion of the cash surrender value or investment fund, the policy owner does not have a deductible loss for any remaining basis in the lapsed policy.
NONFORFEITURE VALUE also called cash surrender value, is the sum of money an insurance company will pay a policyholder if he or she decides to cancel the policy before it expires or before he or she dies.
The bill also requires that insurers must provide a notice that premium is due not more than 30 days from the date the insurer determines that the net cash surrender value under the policy is insufficient to pay the total charges that are necessary to keep the policy in force.
For now, "Fair Market Value shall be cash surrender value (without reduction for surrender charges) provided that the cash value is at least as large as the aggregate of (1) the premiums paid from the date of issue through the date of distribution, plus (2) any amounts credited (or otherwise made available) to the policyholder with respect to those premiums, including interest, dividends and similar income items, minus (3) reasonable mortality charges and other charges (other than mortality charges), but only if those charges are actually charged on or before the date of distribution.
As mentioned previously, increases in cash surrender value are not recognition events.