cash surrender value

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the amount that the insurance company will pay on a given life insurance policy if the policy is cancelled prior to the death of the insured

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9 million reduction in cash surrender values of company-owned life insurance policies due to the significant drop in the stock market during the third quarter.
Of course, Henry thinks it is the $700,000 cash surrender value.
Exemption for Cash Surrender Value of an Insurance Policy Only Applies to an Insured's Creditors: Section 222.
Let's look at a scenario involving a 77-year-old female who owns an insurance policy with a $900,000 face amount and a current cash surrender value of $68,296.
For now, "Fair Market Value shall be cash surrender value (without reduction for surrender charges) provided that the cash value is at least as large as the aggregate of (1) the premiums paid from the date of issue through the date of distribution, plus (2) any amounts credited (or otherwise made available) to the policyholder with respect to those premiums, including interest, dividends and similar income items, minus (3) reasonable mortality charges and other charges (other than mortality charges), but only if those charges are actually charged on or before the date of distribution.
Taking into account both initial expenses and taxes, Albizzati and Geman (1994) compare, at any given future date, the (deterministic) final value of the contract with the final value of a new one, having the same maturity and acquired by reinvesting the (guaranteed) cash surrender value at the prevailing market conditions.
If the increase in the cash surrender value is a result of interest earned on the cash surrender value during the year, this non-cash transaction would be a reconciling item in the operating activity section.
For seniors who qualify, life settlements must pay an amount greater than the cash surrender value of a policy.
While each of these features provides some sort of guarantee, none of them guarantee a minimum Cash Surrender Value should the VA purchaser decide to terminate their annuity.
Ther is a assurance that policyholders get assured guaranteed surrender value will never be less than 100% of the net premiums paid and that they can take loans up to the cash surrender value any time after the first policy year.
Alternatively, policyholders who stop making premium payments will have reduced paid up endowment policy benefits based on the cash surrender value.
NONFORFEITURE VALUE also called cash surrender value, is the sum of money an insurance company will pay a policyholder if he or she decides to cancel the policy before it expires or before he or she dies.
Cash value accumulation test: A contract meets the cash value accumulation test if, by the terms of the contract, the cash surrender value of the contract may not at any time exceed the net single premium that would have to be paid at that time to fund future benefits under the contract.
However, we believe that because viatical and life settlement contracts are sold for amounts that exceed the cash surrender value, and because recent litigation has sought to classify the trading of interests in life insurance contracts as securities, there is compelling justification for recording such contracts at amounts greater than the cash surrender value.