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a cashbox with an adding machine to register transactions

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Boston Cash Register Exchange's customers will now have the benefits of low cost credit card processing solutions and access to additional products and services such as gift and loyalty card programmes and payroll processing.
26 October 2016 - US-based merchant services provider East Commerce Solutions, Inc has acquired cash registers and point of sale systems firm Boston Cash Register Exchange, the company said.
Is there someone out there who has a second hand cash register or bankrupt stock and can bring the Boys' Brigade back into the 21st century?
He and his staff still use the cash register, and customers buying fasteners rely on the scale.
Thanks to the integration of our innovative smart terminals with the new generation of RBS cash register systems, merchants take benefits of an optimized card & cash payment solution providing an improved consumer experience through speed of payment offering a simplified reporting on transactions to merchants,” said Luciano Cavazzana, Eastern Europe and Africa Managing Director, Ingenico Group.
The cash register was broken and the suspected thief had stolen the cash.
The thief was then spotted walking towards the Water of Leith, carrying the cash register under his arm.
B, who reportedly reached through an open window and took the money from the cash register, was initially sentenced to four years in prison.
For many of those who complied with the regulation, the price of the cash register, 800-1000 litas on average and, more importantly, the nuisances following its use, proved to be unworthy for petty earnings," Zidanavicius stressed.
The statement added that the suspects held the pharmacy's employees hostage and returned the rental car the following day after throwing out the masks, gloves and the cash register.
Each cash register has cashier integration and a code that together with Seamless' transaction platform ERS 360[degree sign] enables sending the sum of transaction to the customer's mobile phone for authorisation.
MILLBURY - A former employee of an Elm Street restaurant will be arraigned Tuesday in Central District Court on 14 counts of larceny over $250 after he was caught on surveillance video stealing more than $20,000 from the restaurant's cash register over a six-week period.
Police say an exotic dancer robbed a Eugene coffee stand on Sunday evening by stealing a cash register that she later tossed out of her car's window while fleeing the scene.
Those health care products are tallied at the cash register and can be paid for with an FSA debit card.
Police say the 21-year-old from Arizona rang a 7-11 store, saying he was a new employee, and went into the store the next day for training on how to use the cash register.