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an unattended machine (outside some banks) that dispenses money when a personal coded card is used

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There are already more cash machines in one corridor in the House of Commons than on the whole of Cambuslang Main Street in my constituency.
The consumer group claims the plans could lead to "mass closures" of free-to-use cash machines.
Acting Inspector John Hoar, from Durham Constabulary, said: "The suspects have used an explosive device causing significant damage to the cash machine.
The incident follows a skimming device being recovered from a Tesco Express cash machine in Middlesbrough on July 18.
2IS AS A tribute to the golden anniversary, Barclays has transformed the modern-day Enfield cash machine into gold.
In 1996, the billionth cash machine transaction was processed by Link.
2 Actor Reg Varney from sitcom On The Buses was the first person to use a cash machine.
Raheel Ahmed, head of customer experience and channels at Barclays, said: "Even though recent years have seen a huge uptake of digital banking and card payments, cash remains a crucial part of most people's day-to-day lives - whether it's paying for groceries or doing the office coffee run - and we're very proud of the role that Barclays has played in the history of the cash machine.
One incident involved an 88-year-old and occurred at the Lloyds Bank cash machine in Wyndham Street, Bridgend, at 11.
He said: "The cash machine operators deserve credit for their early efforts to install more cash machines that don't charge local residents for the privilege of accessing their own money.
Pc Jayne Hall, from Calderdale District, said: "At that time two men approached a man using the cash machine and distracted him.
For the first 8 months of 2014, the Bank registers the IBA installed new cash machines in 35 populated localities of the country that makes up 64% of the total number of cash machines installed by Azerbaijani banks since early 2014.
SUSPECTED cash machine thieves are being hunted by police.
A REWARD has been offered in the hunt for cash machine fraudsters who are operating in Coventry.
com)-- Elite Business has finally rolled out their much anticipated Business Cash Machine.