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an unattended machine (outside some banks) that dispenses money when a personal coded card is used

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After taking the cash machine from Tattymoyle Road, the machinery was set on fire.
The thieves were attempting to steal from the cash machine on the side of the Co-operative store on Old Bank Road in Mirfield.
Half of the small-paned shop window had been removed to accommodate the cash machine which had 'disrupted and unbalanced the traditional appearance of the shop front' whilst the cash machine itself was a 'bulky, inelegant and alien feature'.
"I had been shopping around Teesside Park, I had gone to the cash machine, I had withdrawn some money from the Asda cash machine, about half an hour later I got a text message from Halifax.
"I think the banks have done rather well out of the cash machine.
Changes made byLINK, the cash machine network, has seen cuts of 5% to the fee that banks pay ATM operators for cash withdrawals - which Cardtronics has said makes their ATMs more expensive to run.
CASH machines around the UK have been shutting at a rate of 300 every month, a study has found.
The consumer group claims the plans could lead to "mass closures" of free-to-use cash machines.
The number of ATMs across the country has surpassed 70,000 for the first time, the UK's cash machine network Link has reported.
Tampa, FL, June 09, 2011 --( Elite Business has finally rolled out their much anticipated Business Cash Machine.
Valuable ''Shoppers are the ones being penalised with the loss of this valuable service as the next cash machine is in the city centre - about two miles away.' A cash machine in a Londis store at the Fort Dunlop building, in Birmingham, was removed following a smash-and-grab raid last summer.