cash flow

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the excess of cash revenues over cash outlays in a give period of time (not including non-cash expenses)

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Mark Rusch, PME's CFO and partner, also provides the bank with detailed aged payables and receivables; inventory totals; monthly loan covenant calculations, which include debt-to-tangible net worth and current ratio calculations; collateral reports, with a breakdown of payables and receivables used in the calculations; and quarterly cash flow coverage.
In addition, the retention decision assumed that the firm's cash flow would remain constant.
Cash flow is critical here, as financial buyers generally rely on new borrowings for their transactions.
In addition, basing valuation on future cash flow measures means a company must generate and validate formal, consistent forecasting models.
The Net Cash Flow is equal to the rent received, less the maintenance and share-loan payments, if any.
Carter's principal tool for keeping cash flow on an even keel is a formal budget.
Local investors, he said, will purchase blocks with a slightly negative cash flow if it is in a strong, well-located co-op with a long underlying mortgage and in good physical condition.
Wall Street was taken by surprise, in large part because the companies' cash flow statements--where the warning signs existed--weren't released until weeks after their quarterly earnings press releases (Lucent also did not include a balance sheet in its quarterly earnings releases at the time).
We conducted an empirical study of cash flow statements to provide some industry averages and to determine if the potential exists to develop benchmarks for the ratios by industry.
The economic benefit linked to the asset corresponds to the potential that the asset has in contributing, directly or indirectly, to positive cash flows.
The IAS 7 revision was prompted by the increasing emphasis of financial statement users in many countries on historical cash flow information as an indicator of an enterprise's future sources and uses of cash.