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a highly liquid debt instrument with maturities of less than three months

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The taxpayer in the TAM simply wanted to know whether vacation days converted to cash equivalents and contributed to its qualified retirement plan on behalf of its employees were subject to FICA taxation.
The buyer's obligation to transfer replacement property may be secured by cash or cash equivalents if it is held in a qualified escrow account or trust.
The conditions for Pakistanis include passport validity for at least six months, a confirmed return ticket, cash equivalent to Qatari Riyals 5,000/valid credit card, and certification of polio vaccination.
Exhibit 1 Reconciliation of Cash, Cash Equivalents, and Restricted Cash within the Statement of Financial Position and Total Cash Shown in the Statement of Cash Flows Cash and cash equivalents $1,465 Restricted cash 125 Restricted cash included in other long-term assets 75 Total cash, cash equivalents, and restricted cash $1,665 shown in the statement of cash flows Source: Accounting Standards Codification Topic 230 Definition of Cash
" The PCMC clarified that the unspent P1.15-billion is "intended for its various health programs and assistance to indigent patients and purchase of Dengue vaccines." "Out of the P1.865 billion cash and cash equivalents, P1.219 billion is restricted for the following programs and activities: a) P1.150 billion for DOH programs and assistance and b) P68.985 million for other special hospital-based activities and programs," the COA confirmed in its notes to the PCMC's Financial Statement.
One issue with this method is the cash equivalent transfer value can vary between pension providers, and in some circumstances the cash equivalent transfer value provided is not always a true market valuation.
Wireless and wired broadband Internet networks provider ICOA Inc (PINKSHEETS:ICOA) announced on Monday it has entered into an agreement with American Marketing Complex (AMC) to purchase 20m shares of ICOA's restricted stock at USD0.50 Cash Equivalent Credit per share.
A recent paper prepared by Tim Brain, the chief of Gloucester and leader on finance issues for the Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo), suggested the costs would run to more than pounds 500 million, the "cash equivalent" of the annual salary of 25,000 probationary constables.
2000), an employer's issuance of American Express restaurant credit-card vouchers were held to have "cash equivalent benefit" and did not qualify as de minimis fringe benefits.
Older people will be given the cash equivalent of the support they are entitled to so they can purchase the best services their money can buy.
Private Letter Ruling 200437030 concludes that a coupon (for an item such as a ham or a turkey) is a cash equivalent fringe benefit.
In general, when an employer provides a benefit for its employees, the employees must include the value of that benefit in their compensation; this is especially true when the employees have the option of receiving either the benefit or its cash equivalent. Congress has carved out a number of exemptions and exceptions in the tax code from this general rule of includability for many types and amounts of benefits.
The two numbers don't match, but if cash equivalent credits are added to the mix, they can.
* a requirement that employers offer workers the chance to exchange a free parking spot for its cash equivalent;