cash dispenser

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an unattended machine (outside some banks) that dispenses money when a personal coded card is used

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Another major benefit of the CFM S4-Episys Cash Automation module solution is that it can be used with cash dispensers and recyclers produced by any manufacturer, emphasized Moore and Larry Phillips, project manager for Symitar.
It is believed the raiders stopped at cash dispensers along a route between Belfast and Lisburn, trying out their system.
The cash dispenser was later found along with a truck equipped with a small power shovel about 3 kilometers away in a building material storage lot near the Gotemba exit of the Tomei expressway.
This allows its cardholders to send money worldwide from any of its cash dispensers. To do this, they insert their BofA Versatel cash dispenser card in a machine, request the service, enter the amount of money and give details of the recipient.
The company said these cash dispensers feature a range of advanced software-enabled digital functions, including the ability to authenticate and transact without the use of a traditional card reader or PIN pad.
The two ATMs offered within the series, the Opteva 828 lobby ATM and the 868 through-the-wall ATM, can configure the terminal with a recycling module and separate cash dispenser. The combination increases terminal uptime, extends the cash replenishment service cycle and provides a clear upgrade path from basic cash-in and cash-out operation to full recycling.
THE man who invented the hole-in-the-wall cash dispenser has died.
He stole pounds 200 from an ATM at the hospital and pounds 240 from another cash dispenser in Inverness the next day.
The attack happened as the 22-year-old was at a cash dispenser in Heaton Road, Newcastle, last night.
In their car seized at Stokesley, the Moldovan immigrants had a UK map showing Tescos and a false cash dispenser front fitted with a miniature camera to copy shoppers' cards.
Two masked raiders smashed an Audi car into a cash dispenser at the centre, breaking it from its floor mountings.
1967: Britain's first automatic cash dispenser opened at Barclays, Enfield.
A GANG used a stolen fork-lift truck yesterday in a bid to steal a cash dispenser containing pounds 90,000.
The victim, who is in his early 20s, had been standing next to a cash dispenser near to the Shell garage in Clarendon Avenue at about 2.30am last Friday when his attacker pounced.