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an account with a securities brokerage whose transactions are settled on a cash basis

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Larger Funds transact between many DVP and standard Cash accounts at numerous brokerage/underwriting firms in order to maximize share allocations of public offerings, while smaller Syndicate Funds rely solely on Cash accounts.
The cash account is where you keep your weekly spending money for items such as food and petrol.
The cash account is managed by Raymond James and is held separately from Pershing Securities.
5million cash account, most of which would have originated in the Cork company.
She forged the required second signature then faked an inflated balance sheet to cover her tracks when the petty cash account went into the red.
Financial Freedom has originated jumbo reverse mortgages on multimillion-dollar homes as large as $18 million since the Cash Account was launched in 2000, according to Wells Fargo.
Elementary school teacher Lauren McCall, states, "The Summer Cash account has been a lifesaver for me in years past.
The country's biggest savings bank and mortgage lender was responding to criticism of a pilot scheme aimed at encouraging those with basic Card Cash accounts to use cash machines, the telephone and the internet for transactions.
NASD found that from January 1, 2001 to September 28, 2001, Scottrade allowed its cash account customers to purchase and sell securities with the proceeds due from unsettled trades.
The most you can save in an ISA in any one year is pounds 5,000 per person, of which up to pounds 1,000 can go into a cash account and a further pounds 1,000 into life insurance savings plans.
NASD determined that the firms permitted cash account customers to purchase and sell securities in a series of trades without requiring full cash payment for each purchase in violation of Federal Reserve Regulation T.
The mayor and each of the 15 council members receive $5,000 a year in a petty cash account that restricts spending to items ``for city public purposes'' - which some council members define broadly to include items from parking receipts for council staffers to a $700 catered lunch for city officials.
CPAs with unaudited clients can provide additional services by suggesting a periodic examination of the cash account only.
His final drive for first place occurred Thursday, when he sold off his portfolio, leaving a lump sum of about $235,000 in his cash account.
The QCSI MyHealthBank suite includes three independent, interlocking components - Direct, Transact, and Finance - that provide a Web-based, self-service portal for cash account management, enrollment, comparison shopping and decision support.