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an account with a securities brokerage whose transactions are settled on a cash basis

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Clients can also have access to their IDPS cash account via ATMs, chequebooks, online banking or throughout Commonwealth Banks extensive branch network.
The court previously heard the petty cash account was used for staff expenses like car parking, and would only need topping up by between PS100 and PS125 each month.
The cash account is where you keep your weekly spending money for items such as food and petrol.
The cash account is managed by Raymond James and is held separately from Pershing Securities.
5million cash account, most of which would have originated in the Cork company.
The card, which is linked to the CAF Cash current account, is free for all CAF Cash Account holders and all standard transactions are free.
Financial Freedom has originated jumbo reverse mortgages on multimillion-dollar homes as large as $18 million since the Cash Account was launched in 2000, according to Wells Fargo.
SECU serves public school employees who are paid on 10 or 11-month schedules, and in 2003 created the Summer Cash account, giving these employees a structured way to save for unpaid months.
ACOUNCIL employee discovered a petty cash account was more than PS40,000 overdrawn after a bank statement was sent to her by mistake, a court has heard.
Caroline Wootton-Thomas, 49, "regularly" cashed PS500 cheques from the petty cash account of the authority's Child Safeguarding Unit at a time when her mother's home was in jeopardy and she herself was "relying on pay day loans", prosecutor Matthew Roberts told Cardiff Crown Court.
And using her trusted position, Keogh began plundering the school's petty cash account to cover her debts.
The Card Cash account is used by people who simply want to pay money into an account and take it out again, rather than those who want the range of services provided by a current account, such as an overdraft.
The most you can save in an ISA in any one year is pounds 5,000 per person, of which up to pounds 1,000 can go into a cash account and a further pounds 1,000 into life insurance savings plans.
Caroline Wootton-Thomas, 49, is alleged to have written out 75 cheques, each for PS500, from a petty cash account at the local authority's child protection department.
The mayor and each of the 15 council members receive $5,000 a year in a petty cash account that restricts spending to items ``for city public purposes'' - which some council members define broadly to include items from parking receipts for council staffers to a $700 catered lunch for city officials.