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close sociological study of a maladjusted person or family for diagnosis and treatment

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Bringing in significantly more caseworkers and staff to support them not only means more time for each family, but a massive rise in overall staff hours that would relieve burden on existing caseworkers and stem turnover issues.
The appeal also aims to fund reception desks, waiting areas, caseworker desks and a volunteer training room.
Using "bots" nests with the CCWIS requirement to be efficient, economical, and effective by allowing administrative tasks to be automated, saving caseworkers and supporting staff precious time.
Workers have really been heroic," said the CPS chief, Kristene Blackstone, who added that caseworkers have been visiting foster families in evacuee shelters, connecting them with services and schlepping carloads of donated clothing, diapers and food to them.
Northwoods' mobile document management solution, Compass[R] CoPilot, will initially help 11 workers, including leadership, supervisors and 4 child protective services caseworkers in the Child Advocacy Center, access and update documentation using an iPad[R] app from the field, rather than using paper forms and documents.
Now the customer experience begins with a self-service system that collects caller information and routes calls to the appropriate caseworkers.
Roche and her predecessor, Angelo McClain, signed a memorandum of understanding earlier this year promising caseloads for caseworkers would be reduced to 15 or fewer, he said, based on recommendations by the Child Welfare League of America.
More than 2,000 caseworkers use IBM Enterprise Content Management big data technologies.
There is no doubt that welfare caseworkers have a powerful influence on clients.
It involved analysis of survey responses from 558 foster parents and 122 public agency caseworkers from a large metropolitan area and two smaller urban areas in a large US midwestern state.
Caseworkers must be willing to take into account parents' perspectives.
SACWIS is a web-based system designed to help county caseworkers and managers with several functions including eligibility, case management and the administration of adoption, foster care and child protection cases.
The Cleveland branch is appealing for anyone with a few hours to spare who can train to be caseworkers or help with fundraising or office work.
This is a story of how distance learning technology and a little good old-fashioned instructional design brought personalized training to Child Protective Services' caseworkers across Texas while saving the state hundreds of thousands of dollars.