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someone employed to provide social services (especially to the disadvantaged)

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Bringing in significantly more caseworkers and staff to support them not only means more time for each family, but a massive rise in overall staff hours that would relieve burden on existing caseworkers and stem turnover issues.
There may not be an obvious indication during a particular visit, but key descriptions of interactions documented in the case notes over time may alert the caseworker of the possibility.
She told the caseworker that she lived in Georgia for 12 years.
com)-- Chemung County Department of Social Services (DSS) is the first New York county to give caseworkers a mobile tool to help them protect abused and neglected children.
In January, the agency deployed the Genesys Customer Experience Platform, and since then, the delay and desperation that had been hallmarks of the OCS customer experience have been replaced by timely interactions with the agency's 90 caseworkers.
Doug Kasamis, chief information officer at DHS, says, "We recognize that our caseworkers can best serve their customers by spending time with them.
Noncompliance can be the result of critical barriers, both perceived and real, at the level of the individual (for example, domestic violence, child behavior problems, mental health and substance abuse issues), community (for example, lack of transportation and child care), and agency (for example, communication disconnect with agency, lack of primary caseworker, lack of trust in relationship, poor treatment, unhelpful workers) (Rainford, 2004).
Fenley's affidavit also included a statement from another state caseworker who interviewed Jeanette's then-5-year-old half-brother.
Janet Dean (Lab Burton) *employs her daughter Sandra Belcher as a part-time caseworker.
2002), inconsistent caseworker responsiveness, feeling left out of decision making (Kapp & Propp, 2002), and feeling vulnerable to and fearful of their caseworkers (Diorio, 1992).
While chatting to a customer recently, Stuart learned she was a caseworker with the Cleveland branch of SSAFA Forces Help.
The paper states that the new law was enacted following legislators' concerns about "widespread DCFS caseworker and supervisor errors reported in a 2006 News-Democrat series about 53 abused children who died while under the agency's care.
He has been working as a specialist employment caseworker and supervisor.
I have no family who lives here," she told Red Cross caseworker Jesi Betancourt, who answered a toll-free number distributed to military families.
Despite the importance of the substantiation decision, there are few data on how caseworker judgments influence the substantiation process.