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someone employed to provide social services (especially to the disadvantaged)

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In addition to describing a feeling of instability and lingering, a majority (n = 15) of youths described the re-traumatization of losing their families that coincided with the loss of a caseworker.
In Lacey's case, new reports of abuse went to the family's regular caseworker.
Meanwhile, caseworkers give people like Rhonda generic "services" but don't have the tools to avoid or minimize the trauma of separation.
If the client succeeds in fulfilling this requirement, the caseworker will, like a tough coach, gradually add more activities and responsibilities to the schedule until the client is declared job-ready.
We still hadn't heard from ACS, which was supposed to send another caseworker over for the home study Judge Bogacz had ordered.
At the same time, the application solution AT&T recommended for the smart phone enables the caseworkers to go into the home, take a picture of the child that is GPS-stamped, date-stamped, and time-stamped to validate the visit.
The purpose of the current study was to identify caseworker perceptions of (a) reasons for youth removal from a home environment and (b) the parameters of intolerable problem categories that prompt such decisions.
Early in 1998, one of its caseworkers began to review concerns submitted by the men's solicitors and, more than three years later, in November 2001, the case was turned down.
The caseworker noted that Virginia had to be "strongly encouraged" to do anything.
Yet as a caseworker, Michael was surrounded by sob stories, and like his father he believed some of them.
Yet, in terms of the present paper, it appears that caseworker discretion over workflows was shaped as much by the call centre technology as by occupational status, and by managerial policies and practices embedded in public sector reforms.
DCF policy says that a caseworker who finds that a child is missing should immediately notify police and the state's missing children center, and get a court order authorizing law enforcement to take the kid into custody if he's found.
Stoesz is an ex-welfare caseworker, a commentator on social welfare policy, and the author of a textbook for social work students.
Jennifer O'Connor, a cruelty caseworker with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, has corresponded with HPI.
The social services caseworker brings expertise about the TANF program and child care services to the project.