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close sociological study of a maladjusted person or family for diagnosis and treatment

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Because more than 80 percent of the division's casework is conducted remotely without the ability for online access, the Tennessee DHS is also deploying Lagan Mobile.
Her managers had offered to relocate her from the Plaza to Mercury Court where she could work without the onerous targets and even without casework, Mr Rahman said.
A CPS spokesman said: "The head of the Complex Casework Unit will review the police file and then make a decision on whether to proceed with a prosecution or not."
'This suggests that Plaid Cymru had access to Mr Davies's database of constituency casework names and addresses.
"The clever use of the Labflex casework system is almost residential in fashion, with the open labs having the visual feel of big loft apartments.
The trainee should be prepared to perform all aspects of supervised casework after satisfactory completion of all readings, basic skills acquisitions, practical exercises and examinations specified in this training program to this point.
Dark wenge wood floor will provide a contrast to the smoothly-finished white of the custom casework, giving an open and comfortable atmosphere.
The bureau, based at Barlow House in Back Street, has gained a legal aid franchise to carry out housing advice and has taken on Kathleen Clarke, a specialist in housing advice casework.
Improve your quality control with this easy to sanitize stainless steel casework. The surface is resistant to a wide range of chemicals, which makes it ideal for healthcare, biological, radioactive, and clean room applications or any application subject to continuous cleaning or sterilization.
She sees casework as embodying the emergence of the modem disciplinary "gaze." This gaze was based on the "detailed observation of individuals, their habits and histories, and the redefinition of persons as cases, objects, sights, and appearances ...
"The earned income tax credit is one of the primary causes of advocate casework," Oveson said.
The team is headed by the casework coordinator, a volunteer who coordinates the team's duties and files reports with the volunteer coordinator.
Copies of the Order may be obtained, free of charge, from the Secretary of State, National Transport Casework Team, Tyneside House, Skinnerburn Road, Newcastle Business Park, Newcastle upon Tyne NE4 7AR or (quoting NATTRAN/ NW/S247/2739) and may be inspected during normal opening hours at Kirkby Centre, Norwich Way, Liverpool, L32 8XY.