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close sociological study of a maladjusted person or family for diagnosis and treatment

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Kathryn Lawcock, a casework manager at the Sale office, was accused online by Mr Wilby of being part of a 'coven' and a 'witchcraft follower' and accused her of having 'an improper relationship' with a police superintendent.
She said: "Our casework indicates that there is a wide variation in the quality of NHS investigations into serious cases such as complaints about potential avoidable harm.
8220;Our clients will benefit from the added advantage of the comprehensive services in casework, educational resources, and laboratory products that our companies now provide,” he noted.
The launch of the Shield Casework solid surface product line came about in 2011, the result of an R&D project by the Innovation Lab at Dimensional Innovations.
We also gave assistance to a further 26 women who did not engage in full casework.
HM chief inspector of the CPS, Michael Fuller QPM, said: "The common thread throughout this report is the need to improve the quality and timeliness of casework preparation, particularly in the magistrates' courts.
They discuss their physics and chemistry; the detection of hidden explosives; effects on structures and people; aircraft sabotage and explosion scene investigations; casework management; the role of forensic scientists; chromatography; analysis by mass and infrared spectrometry; the relationship to forensic pathology; and presentation of casework evidence.
Liberal Democrat Norman Lamb, a parliamentary aide to Nick Clegg, admitted falling asleep while doing casework as a marathon debate on the Finance Bill stretched on until 4am.
A majority of casework is currently conducted outside of the office--at hospitals, the client's residence, or in courts.
It reported a 43% rise in the amount of individual casework advice provided in the first half of 2009, compared with the same period in 2008.
Nigel Reader, special casework lawyer with the CPS's complex casework unit, said: "Following a major fraud investigation by the police, I have carefully reviewed all of the evidence that has been submitted to me and I have decided there is sufficient evidence and it is in the public interest to charge both Paul Sadler and Christine Eggleton with theft and conspiracy to defraud Birmingham Research and Development Limited of in excess pounds 7 million.
Serving the demands of laboratories, the company's website details the complete line available--including durable, versatile, casework systems, laminate bases, walls, hutches, mobile, and locker cabinets, as well as work surfaces, popular accessories, and more (click on MLO's RS-lead below)--and has an online catalog, an order form for a catalog, and more information about the CaseQ program.
This global distributor of scientific equipment and supplies has published its 2008-2010 Laboratory Casework and Technical Furniture Catalog, said to be a comprehensive and diverse collection of furniture products for the research laboratory industry.
Hilary Bradfield of the Crown Prosecution Service's Serious Casework Unit announced the decision today.
Social casework provided the "inspiration and guidance" for these reforms.