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of damaged or necrotic tissue

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11] AFB are commonly seen in purulent samples, which may not contain granuloma, caseous necrosis, or epithelioid cells.
After the lesions reach about 3-5 mm in diameter, a central depression forms due to the cellular damage mechanism and they typically develop the appearance of whitish lesions filled with caseous material and having a dimple or pit in the center.
Although no pathological agent growth was observed in the culture, there was no atypical cells supporting malignancy, and the diagnosis of tuberculosis was, therefore, made upon detecting granuloma with caseous necrosis.
Patients with suggestive symptoms and signs, consistent radiological findings and caseous necrosis, those having positive AFB stain or MTB cultures were clinically deemed to be TB.
Caseous granulomas were 67(69%), while 30(31%) showed non-caseous granulomas.
With the bird under general anesthesia, the layer of thick, firm, dark tissue covering the caudal half of the left maxillary beak was sharply debrided to reveal friable, necrotic soft tissue and caseous debris (Fig 5).
One dog with bilateral aural hematoma showed caseous purulent discharge with ceruminoliths.
The turtle presented stomatitis and white, caseous material was found on the tongue, which was mechanically removed later.
Diagnosis is usually confirmed by finding acid fast bacilli (AFB) and positive AFB cultures of bone (positive in up to 75% of cases), and caseous necrosis and granuloma on histopathology (11).
The lesions were extensively distributed and well encapsulated and contained caseous necrotic material (online Technical Appendix Figure 2).
The forms of pulmonary pathology: score 1: tuberculoma; score 2: TB infiltrate; score 3: cavitary TB; score 4: disseminated TB; score 5: caseous pneumonia.
Caseous Lymphadenitis in ovine herds from Paraguana Peninsula, Falcon municipality, Falcon State, Venezuela
Histopathological report (Figure 4) confirmed the diagnosis of skeletal tuberculosis by showing tuberculous granuloma with central caseous necrosis surrounded by epithelioid cells and Langhans type giant cells.
Microscopic examination of these nodules revealed typical granulomatous inflammation in affected organs characterised by caseous necrosis surrounded by zone of inflammation comprising macrophages, lymphocytes, plasma cells, and occasional giant cells.
Caseous Lymphadenitis (CLA) is a bacterial disease of chronic suppurative lymphadenitis of goats that has major economic consequences (Glenn, 2000; Lloyd, 1998).