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of damaged or necrotic tissue

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Histology of the deep biopsy specimen identified features of granulomatous inflammation and palisading epithelioid cells, Langhans' giant cells, lymphocytes, and a few neutrophils with small foci of caseous necrosis (figure 1).
On the basis of histopathology and other laboratory values, we established a diagnosis of primary caseous nasal tuberculosis with intracranial extension.
[11] AFB are commonly seen in purulent samples, which may not contain granuloma, caseous necrosis, or epithelioid cells.
With the bird under general anesthesia, the layer of thick, firm, dark tissue covering the caudal half of the left maxillary beak was sharply debrided to reveal friable, necrotic soft tissue and caseous debris (Fig 5).
One dog with bilateral aural hematoma showed caseous purulent discharge with ceruminoliths.
In extrapulmonary tuberculosis, the most common presentation is cervical lymphadenopathy, especially among the Asian populations.[2,3] Lymph node enlargement could be due to tuberculosis, other inflammatory disease or fungal infection, or some underlying malignancy.[4] In general, tuberculous (TB) lymphadenitis is diagnosed using conventional methods such as histopathology on basis of caseous necrosis and granuloma formation.
pseudotuberculosis may produce phospholipase D, the major virulence factor involved in caseous lymphadenitis, which is a disease that mainly affects sheep, goats, and horses (3).
The Mantoux reading was 12 mm, ESR 40 mm and lesional fine needle aspiration (FNAC) revealed caseous necrosis.
The National Sheep Association (NSA) is urging sheep keepers to be vigilant against the ever-increasing level of Caseous Lymphadenitis (CLA) that is being discovered in the UK sheep flock.
A large area of caseous necrosis was surrounded by a histiocytic mantle.
They are characterized by their movability and localization in soft tissues with thin, fetid or caseous pus depending on duration of abscess and prompt recovery follows opening and drainage as well as in case of foreign bodies or accumulations of dry feed jammed between teeth and cheek commonly cause a clinical picture which resembles that associated with actinomycosis and the inside of mouth should be inspected if enlargement has occurred suddenly (Radostits et al., 2007).
(b) Tuberculous lymphadenitis: showed epithelioid cell granulomas with or without caseous necrosis and giant cells.
Clinical signs were an acute and severe respiratory disease characterized by nasal and ocular discharge, foamy conjunctivitis, inflamed eyes, facial congestion, tracheal rales, swollen infraorbital sinuses, and visible yellow to white caseous discharge from the nasal sinuses or trachea.
Microscopic examination of the excised nerve specimen however, revealed extensive areas of caseous necrosis within the nerve resulting in destruction of the nerve.