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a window sash that is hinged (usually on one side)

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It was, beyond doubt, the coincidence alone which had arrested my attention; for, amid the rattling of the sashes of the casements, and the ordinary commingled noises of the still increasing storm, the sound, in itself, had nothing, surely, which should have interested or disturbed me.
Then the Hail stopped dancing over his head, and the North Wind ceased roaring, and a delicious perfume came to him through the open casement.
Gone back to England," Cathcart answered, looking out of the open casement shaded from the sun by the sloping roof.
It was the first of June; yet the morning was overcast and chilly: rain beat fast on my casement.
2 wooden windows 1 openable casements and 2 openable casements and type 4.
Eamonn was a Gaelic football goalkeeper for Roger Casements GAA Coventry and a Crowdfunding page has been set up to carry on his legacy.
The player, believed to be 22-year-old John Dowling, was injured when a fight broke out at a match between Bickenhill-based Sean McDermotts and Coventry's Roger Casements at Coventry Sphinx Sports and Social Club on April 3.
They have fixed panes of glass and opening casements, which may be hinged either at the side or the top.
Common window types include (1) casements, awnings, and hoppers; (2) double-/single-hung; (3) sliding; and (4) fixed.
Madden has been in good scoring form with Portglenone Casements, but has been an unused substitute in the championship so far.
It was decided that the Hospital would use the Skyline D-L90 narrow-style casements in both an awning configuration and a classic casement style, which would harmonize with the building design.
The New York City Landmarks Commission wanted a window that could replace the multitude of decaying steel casements of the 1930s.
Last week, school officials began testing for lead contamination when they discovered particles of paint dust on the window casements of 12 classrooms, Hall said.
It happened a few minutes into the second half of a game between Birmingham side Sean McDermotts and Coventry's Roger Casements, at Coventry Sphinx Sports & Social Club, in Stoke.
ANTRIM senior footabll champions Cargin will defend their title against Casements Portgleone in the first round of this year's championship.