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a window with one or more casements

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Self-adhesive foam strips of draught excluder are inexpensive, easy to fix in place and suitable for casement windows and interior doors.
If you're thinking about replacing your casement windows because they're drafty, fogged up or just hard to open, consider this: You can fix most of the problems yourself for a fraction of the cost of new windows--and it won't take you more than an hour or two per window.
Morningside Gardens, an ambitious project of six buildings, called for the replacement of 6,000 circa1950s aluminum casement windows.
Just like me they try to build shelter in impossible places: the outside ledge of a casement window thrown open every day.
However the continued contraction of the casement window market since its peak in 2003 has focused attention of this small but strategically important category.
We wanted four tilt and turn windows, one casement window and a double-glazed sash window," explained Bargoed-born nurse Karen, 47.
Pella's history of innovation started more than 80 years ago with the introduction of the Rolscreen[R] retractable casement window screen.
A paper shopping bag, an old shower stall (plumbed with running water), a bathroom sink and mirror, and a casement window are each animated with grainy film loops that complete their sculptural containers in some logical or fanciful way.
August 27 at 8pm: Burglar forced open casement window of home but nothing stolen.
wide by 47-in, high casement window, you'll satisfy minimum egress window requirements.
Suspect opened a ground floor upvc kitchen casement window which had been on a vent by releasing the restrictors and entering into the kitchen.
They slept downstairs in a room alongside the main door so Johnny must have got in through her casement window.
So, feeling smug with my "insider" construction knowledge, I went to the lumberyard and special-ordered a $400 casement window (nonreturnable without a hefty restocking charge).