casement window

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a window with one or more casements

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Self-adhesive foam strips of draught excluder are inexpensive, easy to fix in place and suitable for casement windows and interior doors.
We wanted four tilt and turn windows, one casement window and a double-glazed sash window," explained Bargoed-born nurse Karen, 47.
A single guttering candle shines in some high casement window as our son-of-the-manse workaholic Prime Minister pores over the nation's accounts, or some abstruse political text which only academics have read, or maybe contemplates whether he really could, as Gladstone did before him, bring in a regime for counting the number of postage stamps his ministers use.
A paper shopping bag, an old shower stall (plumbed with running water), a bathroom sink and mirror, and a casement window are each animated with grainy film loops that complete their sculptural containers in some logical or fanciful way.
By Clement Steel Windows (01428 647715)Tudor-inspired, leaded glass-style casement window in aluminium.
August 27 at 8pm: Burglar forced open casement window of home but nothing stolen.
Suspect opened a ground floor upvc kitchen casement window which had been on a vent by releasing the restrictors and entering into the kitchen.
They slept downstairs in a room alongside the main door so Johnny must have got in through her casement window.
Q I WANT to replace a rotten casement window in our kitchen with a timber frame salvaged from a skip.
Suspect broke rotary airer in half and used metal pole to smash hole in a rear casement window.
At the side of the casement window, there should be small pockets.
Back, first floor wooden framed double glazed casement window smashed.
Raider climbed through unlocked back ground floor casement window and stole laptop computer.