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a window sash that is hinged (usually on one side)

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" she said, holding the casement and not closing it.
you shall." Thus speaking, and having carefully shaded his lamp, he hurried to one of the casements, and threw it freely open to the storm.
It was, beyond doubt, the coincidence alone which had arrested my attention; for, amid the rattling of the sashes of the casements, and the ordinary commingled noises of the still increasing storm, the sound, in itself, had nothing, surely, which should have interested or disturbed me.
It was the first of June; yet the morning was overcast and chilly: rain beat fast on my casement. I heard the front-door open, and St.
Winter snows, I thought, had drifted through that void arch, winter rains beaten in at those hollow casements; for, amidst the drenched piles of rubbish, spring had cherished vegetation: grass and weed grew here and there between the stones and fallen rafters.
By degrees, as they could bear no more, they dropped off one by one, and lights twinkled in little casements; which lights, as the casements darkened, and more stars came out, seemed to have shot up into the sky instead of having been extinguished.
The spoken words that are inaudible among the flying spindles; those same words are plainly heard without the walls, bursting from the opened casements. Thereby have villanies been detected.
Here and there were new brick houses and shops, just set up by bustling, driving, and eager men of traffic from the Atlantic States; while, on the other hand, the old French mansions, with open casements, still retained the easy, indolent air of the original colonists; and now and then the scraping of a fiddle, a strain of an ancient French song, or the sound of billiard balls, showed that the happy Gallic turn for gayety and amusement still lingered about the place.
The countless dismal windows, vacant and forlorn, stared, sightless, from their marble walls; the whole sad city taking on the semblance of scattered mounds of dead men's sun-bleached skulls--the casements having the appearance of eyeless sockets, the portals, grinning jaws.
Englishman Herbert Ward and Irishman Roger Casement are in Belgian-ruled Congo, just two of many young, careless expeditionaries.
One Bold Deed of Open Treason: The Berlin Diary of Roger Casement 1914-1916
Brilliant finishing by Gary Twigg, assisted by Ross Redman in Roberto Carlos mode, plus a slick penalty from Chris Casement, dumped the Blues out of the competition.
De Schepper informs Casement that the man has already placed his traps in his room and is taking a stroll around Matadi.
Casement's topic is fostering an 'internal supervision' process during psychotherapeutic interactions--that is, prioritizing an analyst's ability to see the process through a patient's eyes as well as through the analyst's own expectations, and to dynamically revise the process accordingly.
He is survived by his sister, Laura Casement, and two nephews, Taylor Bunch and Russell Curtis Casement.