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made from casein

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Casein glue was made by dissolving the powder in water with a weight ratio of 1:2 and then thoroughly agitating in a mixer at room temperature.
Animal glues from collagen, blood glues, and casein glues from milk have been used for a very long time; fish glues originated in the 1800s and soy glues in the 1900s.
Assuming this trade agreement is approved by EU ministers, Montenegrin duties for casein glues and other glues of animal origin; glues based on starches, or on dextrins or other modified starches would vanish, as would EU duties on such products manufactured in Montenegro.
According to the editors, the Mosquito's design "forced the development of resin glues for product manufacture in plywood; synthetic formaldehyde cement, introduced during the machine's production run, was found to bean improvement over casein glues for surface jointing." Balsa continues to be used for corestock in sandwich construction sheets for aircraft today.