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to make resistant to hardship, especially through continued exposure

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357/9mm set-ups, having 4 5/8" barrels, waiting for his special treatment of color casehardening.
The data are applied to model and simulate the shrinkage deformations of wood in order to predict casehardening and possibly checking.
Uberti continues to expand its line of 1873 single actions with new revolvers finished in classic casehardening, charcoal blue, nickel and antique finishes.
I won't kid anyone; my first preference would have been to have the gun nicely blued with maybe some colorful casehardening on the frame.
For instance, lumber processed from old-natural growth trees have different drying, absorption and casehardening characteristics than rapid-growth trees.
The development of a surface roughness model for end milling EN32 casehardening carbon steel (160 BHN steel) using design of experiments and RSM was discussed by Mansor & Abdalla (2002).