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to make resistant to hardship, especially through continued exposure

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These specimens were manufactured into bending specimens 1-1/2 by 1-1/2 by 24-1/2 inches and used in the part of this study that examined the conditioned (residual stresses and sets removed in the casehardened condition) versus unconditioned state following drying.
The ferocity of the contact and its heady conclusion brought casehardened Pressmen to their feet, and ignited the kind of intoxicating revelries usually associated with Cup finals at old Wembley.
Then the frame and hammer were color casehardened and the rest of the revolver given a nice blue finish.
I remembered my old M24 with its hardwood stock, casehardened receiver, heavier weight and more "substantial" characteristics.
The lack of experience in Gordon's team is making the signing of a casehardened midfield player a priority - and they cost good money when you can find one who's available.
5 pounds, Finish: Casehardened Upper 6 Lower, Blued Barrel, Sights: None, Picatinny rail, Stock: Walnut, Price: $2,750
The casehardened steel of the receiver proved sufficiently strong enough for the pressures of the original .
The teenager's replacement, Nuno Capucho, might have a credibility problem in the eyes of the Ibrox fans but he also had the advantage of being a casehardened competitor in Europe.
These revolvers come with nickeled, blued and casehardened frames.
The workmanship and detail of the Pietta LeMat are stunning as are its richly blued and color casehardened finish and finely checkered walnut grips.
The modern version features carbon-steel construction, a rear sight integral to the barrel latch, a sighting groove running the length of the barrel, and half-moon post sights and color casehardened finish on the hammer, trigger, trigger guard and latch.
Color casehardened trigger and hammer, Sights: Ramped front, windage adjustable rear, Grips: Square butt, checkered plastic, Price: $225.