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to make resistant to hardship, especially through continued exposure

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Every cylinder of Gun Machine gets loaded with something for both casual readers and casehardened fans of the detective genre.
Its gears are 16mm in width, straight cut and full-form-ground, and are manufactured from S156 single melt casehardened steel.
The housings, motor flange and carrier are crafted from 316SS and the integral input worm and shaft are made from high-strength, casehardened alloy steel for long-lasting performance.
Simpson is the casehardened title-holder while Appleby has yet to endure a 12-round fight.
The analytical inversion technique was at first tested by simulation, assuming a polygonal k profile of arbitrary shape with typical characteristics of a casehardened steel.
It is ground from an as-forged and casehardened 16 MnCrS5 steel blank in a two-step process.
The Chili Pepper mill mechanism is made of casehardened steel, while the spice mill mechanism is composed of long-wearing ceramic.
These specimens were manufactured into bending specimens 1-1/2 by 1-1/2 by 24-1/2 inches and used in the part of this study that examined the conditioned (residual stresses and sets removed in the casehardened condition) versus unconditioned state following drying.
The ferocity of the contact and its heady conclusion brought casehardened Pressmen to their feet, and ignited the kind of intoxicating revelries usually associated with Cup finals at old Wembley.
The early receivers were color casehardened, but as Pirkle points out, the improved steel used in the production of M1886 receivers contained nickel and chromium and what beautiful, mottled colors were achieved using the new alloy faded rapidly into a silvery, nickel-plated-looking hue.
Barrels were normally blued, though iron frames could be either blue or casehardened.
Yet the quintessential Navy Colt had a 71/2" octagonal barrel, blued barrel and cylinder, color casehardened frame, hammer and loading lever and a grip flame of nickel-plated brass.
3-pound weights, casehardened frames, walnut grips and blued barrels.