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to make resistant to hardship, especially through continued exposure

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The analysis of the surface and subsurface integrity reveals that the subsurface region of the casehardened 18CrNiMO7-6 steel can no further accumulate enormous localized plastic deformation during shot peening process as a consequence of the attainment of a critical limit of the plastic deformation for 18CrNiMo7-6 steel due to the presence of a high dislocation density and carbon content induced by the prior carburizing process.
It is ground from an as-forged and casehardened 16 MnCrS5 steel blank in a two-step process.
The Chili Pepper mill mechanism is made of casehardened steel, while the spice mill mechanism is composed of long-wearing ceramic.
The ferocity of the contact and its heady conclusion brought casehardened Pressmen to their feet, and ignited the kind of intoxicating revelries usually associated with Cup finals at old Wembley.
The casehardened Spear [Point.sup.TM] splits bone and drives deeper than other broadhead tips.
The steel receiver and lever are beautifully casehardened and hand-engraved.
The extruders feature carbide-lined barrels and Colmonoy hard-faced screws, instead of the casehardened screws featured on competitive models.
The receiver and furniture are color casehardened in bone-charcoal by Turnbull.
Barrels were normally blued, though iron frames could be either blue or casehardened. Brass-frame versions were normally silver-plated.
Nitriding is a heat-treating process that diffuses nitrogen into a metal surface to create a casehardened surface.
There are three models, all with 4.75-inch barrels, 2.3-pound weights, casehardened frames, walnut grips and blued barrels.
The lack of experience in Gordon's team is making the signing of a casehardened midfield player a priority - and they cost good money when you can find one who's available.
A powerful magnet, including only two moving parts within the machined-aluminum housing, controls the casehardened steel sear.
Bobby also makes beautiful Damascus color casehardened knives with mastodon ivory scales, and tomahawks, if such things attract your attention.