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Synonyms for caseful

the quantity contained in a case


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You can hit the .44 Magnum's 36,000 psi maximum pressure with just a tad of Bullseye or a caseful of H-110 but the important point is how we get to the top.
The giggles and titters have already started over the latest series of Celebrity Big Brother, as matronly Anne Diamond takes in a caseful of clean knickers and Les Dennis breaks down in tears leaving Amanda Holden.
John had a caseful at the Main Show, while Rocko Rosenblatt, at the Executive Inn, had some miniature-size specimens.
And Glasgow's civic museums cost pounds 18 per person to maintain, three times the Scottish average, while Argyll and Bute spends 41p per person, hardly enough to dust a caseful of fossils.
Radio 1 DJ Zoe Ball recently admitted that her boyfriend brought her back a caseful of men's underwear from the States.