case-hardened steel

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steel with a surface that is much harder than the interior metal

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TM] broadhead uses a case-hardened steel pyramid tip that cuts on contact with edges that line up perfectly with the three blades, The tip has the same angle as the blades for a continuous cut that assures excellent penetration from impact through exit.
They are replacing high-carbon, surface-hardened, through-hardened and case-hardened steel castings.
The new transmission excels thanks to its high power-to-weight ratio: The gears and shafts of the dual clutch transmission, which weighs approximately 120 kg, are produced from case-hardened steel.
This causes four chrome case-hardened steel balls to rise through the aperture of the tubular steel shaft of the gun lock, expanding in the firing chamber to the outer diameter of the bullets cartridge; making contact with the inner wall of the firing chamber.
The wheel-sets use performance-enhanced Timken[TM] tapered roller bearings, made from case-hardened steel and engineered specifically to the application.
The crankshaft is a one-piece case-hardened steel forging fitted with special split roller bearings for all main and big- end journals.
The result is an aluminum surface which ASTM standard Taber abrasion tests show to have greater abrasion resistance than case-hardened steel or hard-chromium plating.