case-hardened steel

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steel with a surface that is much harder than the interior metal

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The HK series package incorporates cast-iron housings, a case-hardened steel shaft and roller bearings engineered to provide long life and quiet operation.
Gears are hardened or case-hardened steel; input/output shafts are high-strength steel.
Dual-sided hinges with case-hardened steel pins further bolster security.
Satellite Archery's new [Straight-Razor.sup.TM] broadhead uses a case-hardened steel pyramid tip that cuts on contact with edges that line up perfectly with the three blades, The tip has the same angle as the blades for a continuous cut that assures excellent penetration from impact through exit.
They are replacing high-carbon, surface-hardened, through-hardened and case-hardened steel castings.
A Dixie Gun Works exclusive, this .44 1847 Whitneyville Dragoon is made in Italy by Uberti, with a color case-hardened steel frame, loading lever and hammer, and solid brass square-back triggerguard.
The bolts are similarly machined from case-hardened steel alloy."
The result is an aluminum surface which ASTM standard Taber abrasion tests show to have greater abrasion resistance than case-hardened steel or hard-chromium plating.
The company's CB7015 grade is particularly good for hard turning case-hardened steels (those 58-65 HRc).