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While the top of the line "working" gun is the Model 1873 Sporter with an octagon barrel and a case-hardened receiver, there are four other models plus a special 150th Commemorative gun.
It features stock made from American Walnut, bone-charcoal color case-hardened frame and furniture and Marble Arms' rear and front sights.
While it is pointed out that using hard turning in place of grinding for case-hardened or induction-hardened steel components such as transmission shafts and gears can reduce both machining costs and time by as much as 70 percent or more, according to the people at Sandvik Coromant ( such gains are achievable only if that hard turning (usually performed as a finishing or semi-finishing process) is performed with optimized insert grades.
Built for the uplands with a traditional color case-hardened receiver--embellished on the underside with a single gold ruffed grouse--in 12, 20 and 28 gauges, the Caesar Guerini Woodlander ( has a Turkish walnut stock set off by a carefully fitted wooden butt plate for a flawless gun mount.
Geared exciters feature all-steel components; specially-coated bearing inner races to deter wear on shafts; and shafts that are case-hardened and ground for minimal wear.
The contributors compare the abrasive wear resistance of metal matrix coatings, the fatigue of case-hardened and plasma-nitrided layers under rolling contact stress, the sorption properties of alkali and acidic Latvian illite clays, and ferromagnetic sorbents for the collection of oil products.
Q I am thinking of having a Winchester Model 1873 restored and this will include color-casehardening the receiver I have heard a lot of stories about receivers warping when color case-hardened Is this a problem?
after all, take a look at the acres and acres of metal on that action, just waiting to be case-hardened!
While they all have steel frames, a selection of finishes are available including color case-hardened, blued and nickel.
Available in either .45 Colt or .357 magnum, and in blued and case-hardened or stainless steel finishes (both with finely checkered one-piece walnut grips), this compact single action is equally ideal for Cowboy Action shooting, packing on the trail or even self-defense.
breeze, curtain, sun, the sun-faded blue paint, case-hardened, crazed,
By the way, real case-hardened colors don't "run "--they're bakedin.
* An integral input worm and shaft composed of high-strength, case-hardened alloy steel.
"Practical Plant Failure Analysis" offers a clear and detailed explanation of the differences between through- and case-hardened gear teeth, while its informed and informative text is enhanced with more than 300 photographs and illustrations to develop competence and confidence in visually diagnosing machinery failures.