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This was a stressful working environment in which case-hardened officers were dealing with career-hardened criminals.
Practical Plant Failure Analysis" offers a clear and detailed explanation of the differences between through- and case-hardened gear teeth, while its informed and informative text is enhanced with more than 300 photographs and illustrations to develop competence and confidence in visually diagnosing machinery failures.
44 Magnum, has fixed sights, blued, case-hardened "New Model" (NM) revolvers utilize a spring-loaded cylinder-pin retainer, a slightly higher fixed front sight and an oblong ejector-plunger grip.
Geared exciters feature all-steel components; specially-coated bearing inner races to deter wear on shafts; and shafts that are case-hardened and ground for minimal wear.
The hard-hearted among us saw David Moyes' case-hardened heroes as the likeliest of survivors, and so it proved as darkness fell - in every sense - on delightful Devon.
Line bored bosses are designed to ensure stability while mounted and the pins are case-hardened for added strength.
Gears are hardened or case-hardened steel; input/output shafts are high-strength steel.
When the 'defendant' does come to trial, he will go before a case-hardened prosecutor (European Public Prosecutor) and, should he fail to prove himself innocent, as will almost certainly be the case, he will be re-interned to serve the remainder of his sentence.
A: Well, I like black guns, too, but am still more partial to blued and case-hardened steel and walnut.
Low-carbon steel that has been case-hardened sometimes does not have the strength to withstand constant pressure and exposure in an adverse environment.
It's accented by a color case-hardened frame, a blued cylinder/frame assembly, and is available in .
Built for the uplands with a traditional color case-hardened receiver--embellished on the underside with a single gold ruffed grouse--in 12, 20 and 28 gauges, the Caesar Guerini Woodlander (Gueriniusa.
It also comes with a 28" octagonal barrel, color case-hardened receiver and A-Grade walnut stock and fore-end.
Historically, Smith & Wesson never color case-hardened the frames of their revolvers.
The Model 39, introduced in 1922, was identical to the Model 1897 take-down with an octagonal barrel, color case-hardened receiver and pistol grip stock.