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nouns or pronouns or adjectives (often marked by inflection) related in some way to other words in a sentence

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The base case system uses reciprocating compressors equipped with cylinder unloading capabilities, with the assumption that the fraction of full-load power matches the fraction of full-load capacity.
The morphological adaptation of the morphosyntactic pattern consisting of the genitive suffix -n of the noun complement and the postposition into the case system involves a reanalysis of the morphemes.
However, it is also useful to re-examine the feasibility of a per case system, because many changes have occurred in the delivery of this care because most of the research on per case systems was conducted in the 1980s.
Payments would be made under a DRG per case system and adjusted for severity of illness.
With historical versioning, investigators can easily see up-to-the minute changes made in the case system from previous versions.
2]OLtec refrigerated display case system technology, which was introduced in 2004, operates in more than 1,000 supermarkets across Europe.
It is an exhibit of all manner of technological developments, from aluminum structures made from high-pressure, high-vacuum die casting to a transfer case system, named Ecomax, that is completely dry, using electromagnetic actuation in place of hydraulics, thereby providing a smaller, more energy-efficient (through the elimination of parasitic and churning losses) package.
For the base case system, the roller shades operates in two modes, on and off (retracted).
The second edition of this guide to essential grammar in the Hungarian language is aimed at students at all levels of fluency and includes tutorials on verbal prefixes, aspect and tense, word-formation mechanisms, vowel harmony, the case system and word order.
We like to think that ours is a difficult tongue to master but stand it alongside German, with its six words for 'the' and a baffling case system.
Using such methods, it is not surprising that what remains of the reconstructed Proto-Uralic case system is not very impressive.
The author begins with a sketch of the entire Tocharian case system, a brief summary of the conceptual framework and associated terminology that she employs, and an overview of the textual sources.
BOSTON -- ID8-Mobile, the leader in smart accessories for connected mobile devices, today announced the reinvention of the handsfree Bluetooth user experience through the introduction of the MoGo Talk XD[TM] for iPhone 4, the world's thinnest and only high-performance Bluetooth headset and protective case system.
Before year 2003, the case system adopted dry cooling towers due to the limitation in fresh water usage, and the [dT.
For example, [CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]i[CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]rab, which in Arabic relates to case vowels in particular, Saadia uses for "vocalization" in general, since Hebrew has only an archaic case system.