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nouns or pronouns or adjectives (often marked by inflection) related in some way to other words in a sentence

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As previously mentioned, no nominal case system continues in both Piedmontese Sinti varieties and Layer I does not carry any case marking.
The uniVERSE Case System outfits iPhone 6/6s and iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus with a slim, protective OtterBox case that offers virtually endless possibilities.
All the aforementioned points imply that our base case system is working well and is meeting all the criteria of reliability
The base case system uses reciprocating compressors equipped with cylinder unloading capabilities, with the assumption that the fraction of full-load power matches the fraction of full-load capacity.
The Veps local case system has recently undergone many changes such as the erosion and reanalysis of existing case endings and the suffixation of postpositions, and syncretism has had an important role in this change (Grunthal 2003 : 151-156; 2005; Tikka 1992).
The developed PBL teaching case system is essentially a multimedia CAI (Computer Aided Instruction) system.
The structured COBOL sub-program code is then deployed into the business application system using Sodifrance's CASE system.
The Department of Children and Families has figures showing that minority children are a majority in the foster case system.
He "read law" in the Commentaries of Blackstone and Kent and not by the case system.
The process of reanalysis, as suggested by Jones (1988) was at work at this stage, which suggests a tendency to retain the older adjectival case system categories.
That is why I am putting proposals to Minister for Justice, John O'Donoghue TD, to see if a fast-track court case system can be set up for children who are victims of abuse.
Silver awards went to Atevi for its semi-automatic case system, Bobard for its integral 4x4 system, Colsa Informatique for automated data capture system, Cortex for its corking system, Maubrac for its box packing unit and Pellenc for its adaptable mechanical weeder without sensing device.
Payments would be made under a DRG per case system and adjusted for severity of illness.
Cooperation in that there are eight plants in the Case system that had a hand in developing and building this tractor, four in North America and four in Europe.
The object-oriented CASE system provides programmers with a way of viewing code in the form of tables, charts, and graphs in OSF/motif windows.