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nouns or pronouns or adjectives (often marked by inflection) related in some way to other words in a sentence

References in periodicals archive ?, a software as a service platform, provides visual analytics on active Harris county criminal defense lawyers providing a ton of information at your fingertips allowing you to make meaningful decisions and gain a wealth of information on individual lawyers and the Harris County court case system.
Addressing the meeting, the speakers said that the LHC had been asked many times to remove defects in the new case system but no action had been taken.
By integrating animacy into their model, they add a semantic level that might influence argument marking as well as the morphological case system itself.
He added: "His increased workload and the introduction of the digital case system (by the CPS), which he was struggling to cope with, led him to desperation.
In nominal case system, genitive has a particular place, due to its different origin.
OtterBox has released its uniVERSE Case System, a revolutionary mobile accessory platform that enhances the functionality of iPhone, the company said.
They cover the gamut from spatial and motion expressions, particles, the case system, conditionals and metonymy revealing new facets of each problem as well as innovative or improved methods to ameliorate the difficulties encountered by learners.
The base case system used in this study consists of 9 generators, 25 loads, 8 switched shunts, 42 transmission lines and 37 buses with three voltage levels; 69 kV, 138 kV, 345 kV.
These features are the breakdown of the case system. the restructuring of the verbal system, and the development of the definite article.
In the traditional literature on the case system of South Asian languages such as Hindi-Urdu Mahajan (1994 1997) Punjabi (Butt 1995 Akhtar 2000) and Gojri (Bukhari 2008) etc.
Although, constitutionally, the case system was abolished in India in 1974, its presence in society cannot be denied.
The model is used to simulate energy use from a base case system and show how it varies with ambient wet-bulb temperature.
The first system was a four-camera, high-end mobile flight case system.
Christopher Columbus Langdell, the first dean of the Harvard Law School and the father of the case system of teaching law that is still the predominant method used in law schools today, was an early proponent of traditional or formal law.
In comparison to the main parameters chosen in large language samples, the Central Veps local case system represents a less frequent pattern that shows paradigmatic overlapping between non-core local cases.