case shot

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a metallic cylinder packed with shot and used as ammunition in a firearm

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Table 1: frequency of fault characteristic in vibrations signal Location of fault frequency of fault characteristic Outer ring [f.sub.od] = 89.18 Hz Inner ring [] = 135.5 Hz Cage [f.sub.c] = 9.9 Hz Case shots [] = 116 Hz Extraction of Time Domain Features:
Firing a can of case shot from the carronade, as an indicator of what the English were able to do, may well have been sufficiently effective for Moore's purposes.
One Disney exec credits that to Bruce Willis' star power, coming off "The Sixth Sense" (which also significantly surpassed its domestic results) and international auds' appetite for "cerebral" stories, in this case shot in a very European manner.
The person who killed Trooper Savela was never found, although a suspect in the case shot and killed an assistant superintendent from the Florida corrections department during an escape attempt in 1955.
Officials had a number of contingency plans in place, including plans in case shots were fired as she was released.
Everyone who was alongside the windows was told to lie down in case shots were fired.