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an operative who also serves as an official staffer of an intelligence service

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Let's take a look at the differences between case officers and analysts, and why they need each other.
Osborne was the first African American CIA Case Officer (C/O) to desegregate the management in two different CIA entities: the CIA's Near East Asian (NEA) Division in 1982 and the Office of Communication Security Division (COMSEC) in 1976.
She most recently served as director of special actions in NCUA's Region II, where she supervised a team of problem case officers.
In the conference it is also decided to promote the concept of Combined Investigation Teams (IO, Case Officer, and Banking/Financial Expert, Revenue expert) to get best results.
Nicola Hodgson, case officer for the Open Spaces Society, said: 'It is cheering that the High Court decision has been reversed and local people's rights to use the land for recreation has been reinstated".
Eight former police officers walked free from court yesterday after hearing that top cold case officer Detective Chief Superintendent Chris Coutts had ordered the destruction.
The Interrogator: An Education provides an autobiographical piece from a CIA case officer who was a spy for over two decades.
KILLED: HELEN FLYNN (Lisa Faulkner, 2002) Junior Case Officer, Section D.
In which TV drama series did Jenny Agutter play senior case officer Tessa Phillips?
NAB Deputy Prosecutor General Raja Amir Abbas, Deputy Director NAB Punjab and case officer Rizwan Khan and consular Pakistan embassy Moin Habib were formally apprised of the extradition order after which Hamesh Khan was handed over to the Pakistani authorities.
Richard Clift, Grants Case Officer at AWM, said: "This is a great example of how AWM is supporting projects that deliver the best returns on investment.
Former Invest Wales and Welsh Assembly Government case officer Jennifer Langdon is leading the Turnaround public funding team.
In an exclusive interview, retired case officer Robert Baer has revealed details of the secret dossier of evidence Megrahi hoped would clear his name.
A principal case officer at the OFT, who was closely involved with the major investigation into British horseracing, he succeeded long-serving Tom Kelly as ABB chief executive last August.
Having served as a deep cover case officer with the Central Intelligence Agency, Jones (a pseudonym) became convinced that the Agency has become a corrupt, Soviet-style organization that hinders the success of its agents in the field.