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DCF leadership meets with human resources weekly to address staffing needs in area offices and look at potential case load issues.
Instead of collateralizing the attorney advance with hard assets, Legal-Bay is able to utilize the law firm's true assets - and that is their case load.
This brings case loads down to 100 children per officer - still 30 more than the recommended maximum.
AS WE enter the year of the Legal Services Act, rules governing law firms' ability to acquire the case loads of failing firms should be relaxed for the benefit of the industry and clients.
When there is pressure at work due to lack of staff or a busy case load.
The ponderous case load means that Perlow and her fellow prosecu- tors make more and easier plea bargains than they'd like.
The five participating students were responsible for setting up an initial meeting with the school counselor to discuss their schedule, case load of students, and duties and responsibilities.
Assigning accountability to individual nurses, specifically, a patient case load for which the nurse is accountable for timely assessments and MDS completion.
And for all the talk of welfare "cuts," the case load reductions have left most states awash in cash, at least for now.
Animal welfare officials are horrified that callous owners have doubled their case load this year.
com/research/tx7pwg/recruiting_traini) has announced the addition of the "Recruiting, Training and Case Load Management Strategies for Embedded Case Managers - 45 Minute Webinar" audio conference to their offering.
Moreover, 69 workers had more than 18 cases and only two were in compliance with a case load of 15, he said.
The entire case load is accumulated before packing through the guides into the case, eliminating the product damage that can occur when a hand packer attempts to fit the last remaining packages into the case.
Drug cases constitute about 70 percent of the CID investigator's case load, as literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in illegal drugs flow into Colorado prisons weekly.
Contract Management is another key component and can often fall through the cracks as the case load increases.
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