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the number of cases handled in a given period of time (as by a court or agency)

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To illustrate this point, in 2016, the court's case load was 14,491.
The disposal rate last broke 20 percent in 2008, when 22.85 percent of the case load was disposed of.
Till date, registration process has started in four UCs namely UC-1, UC-11, UC-15 and UC-18 through eight counters that have registered 59 % of the expected case load. The registration process in Bahawalpur would be completed by January 2017.
Manna said he met with the commissioner about the case load crisis, but Ms.
This brings case loads down to 100 children per officer - still 30 more than the recommended maximum.
"There is trust in the entity and the case load has more than doubled in the second year," said Mr Slate.
The new coroner inherits a case load comprising of 49 inquest cases.
It not only leaves a man, fleeing at the time a war torn country, in limbo, but it also adds to the application case load. At a time when it's revealed that public confidence in immigration controls is dipping, it's time for relevant authorities to decided what the rules should be and stick to them.
The plan optimises the order of activities agents will take to maximise the total amount of debts collected while taking into consideration the case load, personnel resources and the anticipated effectiveness of the suggested actions.
The buyer anticipates to benefit from the business' existing case load and local contact base to further reinforce its position in the Staffordshire market, it added.
The tutorials include child protection, whistle-blowing and addiction and will be added to the case load already featured on the GMC's interactive learning website.
Certainly, I cannot see many existing MPs wishing to take on a larger case load of constituents now that so much more time and care is going to be needed in filling in their expenses claim forms now that these are to be made public.
Your library of standards will grow as your case load and types of cases dictate.
Page Walley, director of the state Department of Human Resources, said the reduction in the error rate stemmed from hiring 35 more workers to reduce the case load per worker, improving the technology available to workers, and reviewing cases more thoroughly when problems appeared.
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