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a system of jurisprudence based on judicial precedents rather than statutory laws

(civil law) a law established by following earlier judicial decisions

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The firm's access to the Harvard case law content and PDF images of original case opinions will enrich case law collection available from LexisNexis.
There are several key trends in 2015 case law, she explained.
From negotiated procurements processes and small business issues to standards of conduct and alleged bias, Key Case Law Rules for Government Contract Formation documents key language, cites relevant cases, and offers up commentary essential to any federal legal requirements reader in a 'must have' reference for acquisition professionals.
By holding that neither prior case law nor the 1980 legislative intent required that every business expenditure incurred in a business expansion be currently deductible, the court concluded the expenses must be capitalized, as a significant future benefit was provided.
Unlike the first requirement, the case law presents the prosecutor with a formidable evidentiary hurdle.
With taxpayers now being motivated to reclassify costs as relating to personal property to avoid the 39-year real property recovery period, the ITC case law was being used by taxpayers to make this reclassification.
Teva strongly disagrees with the FDA's interpretation and believes that there are significant distinctions between the facts surrounding the Pravastatin dismissal and the prior case law.
Relying on case law on the capitalization of financing costs, Fort Howard asserted that there was no nexus between the procurement of the $2 billion in financing with its redemption "other than its temporal and circumstantial property.
BVR's Business Valuation & Bankruptcy Compendium: Case Law and Analysis contains more than 100 court case abstracts and full text opinions of bankruptcy cases involving a dispute over the value of a business.
The treatment includes coverage of the past 25 years of case law, including recent cases decided under the new stricter legislation of 2010, which brought maritime intoxication law into greater harmony with intoxication law of land vehicles.
It describes the legislative history of the FMLA and discusses the responsibilities of employees and employers under the Act, as reflected in the statute, regulations and case law law, including: provisions of the FMLA; regulations promulgated by the Department of Labor; case law developed under the FMLA during the 10 years it has been in effect; and, how FMLA rights are coordinated with other legal rights of employees.
In support of this argument, the insured cited case law indicating that an act is only intentional (in the insurance context) if the insured consciously desires the physical result of his act or knows that that result is substantially certain to follow from his conduct.
They are more and less taxpayer favorable than the case law they replace.
Quicklaw is Canada's largest source of full-text Canadian court, board and tribunal decisions and it has the largest collection of case law summaries.
Some of the basic RIM issues that have been well decided in case law involve such questions as the following: