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detailed record of the background of a person or group under study or treatment

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This new case history can be ordered directly from the Interplastic website at
According to the case history, the CFP board's Disciplinary and Ethics Commission decided to permanently revoke the advisor's right to use the CFP trademarks.
He said: ``A Case History makes me happiest because it's one of those creative pieces that can appeal in different ways to different people.
We appreciate that you figured out what constitutes a great case history and gave us that, along with a distinct angle for your story.
He obtained a grant, enabling him to tour and photograph all but one of his twenty-seven case history locations.
To streamline this process and to ensure that they do not overlook critical evidence, officers should consider dividing a SUID investigation into four general categories: the death scene analysis, the autopsy, an examination of the infant's medical history, and a review of the family case history.
We report the case history of the index patient in a hospital outbreak of SARS in Hong Kong.
This case history presents siloxane additives for molding polypropylene and thermoplastic olefins.
This retrospective, curated by FMW director Urs Stahel, will give visitors the opportunity to decide for themselves on the basis of several key series, including the Brezhnevera "Red Series," the pre-perestroika "Unfinished Dissertation," and the post-perestroika "By the Ground," "At Dusk," and "Case History."
For example, after reviewing a case history on poor nutrition habits with his docent, the student can question the resident about his or her nutritional attitudes and how they might have changed with age.
Using a case history of a corporate headquarters currently under construction, a project is traced from initial design goals to use of alternative approaches to final concept.
In one case history after another, Takaki cites the aggressive bigotry tolerated and codified into U.S.
By going beyond tired philosophical documents and consulting a wider variety of sources -- like the case history above -- to study the behavior of the parterre, Ravel contributes a unique perspective on the relevance of theatre to political culture in early modern France.
He theorizes there could be a major gold find just north of the Lake Abitibizone, based on some promising indicators and the overall geological case history of the region.
Privacy laws, competitive pressures or difficulty in retrieving case history or other information from current carriers or third-party administrators contribute to this problem.