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detailed record of the background of a person or group under study or treatment

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The case histories are not just illustrative--they are compelling stories of how people benefit from self-guided imagery, from specific solutions to a greater sense of wellbeing.
Although the case histories are anonymous, reading them can help you see where other advisors have crossed the line into unethical or illegal conduct--and how they were punished.
Berkenkotter (writing studies, University of Minnesota) studies the development of individual case histories of the mentally ill from their inception in the 1790's to the present through the perspective of narrative.
The title focuses on challenges faced by the coal consuming industries and covers such topics as plant operations and management, PRB and opportunity fuels, new technologies, environmental control, safety, project updates, industry groups, the coal supply chain and power plant case histories.
CASE HISTORIES by Kate Atkinson (Black Swan pounds 6.
The purpose of this newsletter is to share the LD/ESL referral profile, several case histories, challenges, and outcomes.
From shared memories and experiences to shared reactions, this is packed with riveting case histories.
In fact, psychoanalysts themselves began to pursue case histories of incest between fathers and adolescent daughters in the 1940s.
It instructs on identifying the sources of casting defects, offers solutions of how to minimize these defects and examines several case histories involving multiple defects.
Face to Face (all works 2004), one of three installations shown here, was assembled from re-created materials from the DHS--desks full of case histories, computer terminals, and sundry office supplies.
Healing through Empathy is a collection of actual case histories, which demonstrate the importance of empathy in the diagnosis, treatment and outcome of disease.
New knowledge and theories about the behavior of plastics, rubbers, reinforced plastics and polymer coatings will be presented, along with case histories.
I have been to your Web site archives and have read more than 12 case histories featuring either PM or EMR solutions.
His only map is an outline locator map, showing locations of the case histories.
Culled from case histories in JFS' files, these stories are part of a new exhibit at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles that pays tribute to the work of the social services agency as it celebrates a milestone - 150 years of existence.