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detailed record of the background of a person or group under study or treatment

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Includes selected case histories and serves as a comprehensive introduction to international direct marketing.
Various professional counselors reviewed the case histories, and evidence of content validity was obtained.
Five different case histories, ranging from moderate to severe problems, were used in this instrument.
The text covers the major points of law along with relevant case histories on the main business and legal aspects of trading electronically.
Case histories, advertisements, caricatures, political cartoons, private journals or scrapbooks, and contemporary journalists' reports are mingled, creating the inescapable impression that one could not travel anywhere in Britain in the mid-nineteenth century without encountering people under the spell of mesmerism.
The article uses five case histories to demonstrate how usability research has helped the authors evaluate the quality of visual communication in navigation, icon recognition, and look-and-feel.
The companies plan to present case histories at the 1998 QualPro Leadership Symposium in Atlanta this month.
The book is organized into three basic sections: background principles of metapopulation theory in the context of wildlife conservation (Chapters 1-5), examples of methods for modeling metapopulations (Chapters 6-7), and case histories of metapopulation theory applied to specific populations (Chapters 8-17).
To be effective in gaining media coverage, the PR program should strive for quotes in major stories about the market and other real estate issues, media interviews with principals of the firm, company profiles and photos, case histories of successful deals and projects and by-lined articles venturing opinions and viewpoints on industry trends and issues.
At its publication in London and Edinburgh in 1831, The History of Mary Prince, A West Indian Slave did more than add yet another document to the narratives of British former slaves dating back to the eighteenth century, and to the many case histories of black slave women reported in the Anti-Slavery Society's Anti-Slavery Reporter.
Case histories demonstrate only too well what has gone before but there is much to be learnt from them.
The chapter presents case histories, including diagnoses and treatment programs.
In the mid-'50s, having emphasized the need for business-related objectives for company communication programs, I persuaded half a dozen ICIE members to work on a project called the "Tangible Results Committee." Our work would be to produce a collection of communication case histories in which specific company publications or other media had a measurable effect on organizations' achievements.
The authors case histories are powerful advice on how to recognize and resolve family problems.
On the following pages are three case histories that describe real people with AIDS and their caregivers.