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agreement in grammatical case between words in the same construction

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The NSCLC recommends a 12 month period for all services, and in addition, requiring single case agreements beyond that period when appropriate.
This saves providers and patients from having to renegotiate discount rates each time the patient is seen by the provider, whereas with single case agreements, each time the patient is seen, the patient must renegotiate the discount rate.
Single Case Agreements for Behavioral Health Services, Balance Point, (last viewed May 3, 2014).
An effective rule that affects syncretism in a syntactic context is case agreement. Example (5) demonstrates the adaptation of a suffixed case to this rule in Southern Veps, whereas Northern Veps does not follow it.
Case agreement patterns and compensation of syncretism
In the following, case agreement will be used to determine the real impact of paradigmatic overlapping and syncretic forms on the functional domains in which they are used.
In comparison to basic inflectional paradigms Central Veps case agreement patterns show an extensive discrepancy between the grammatical and adverbial cases, because case agreement is much more inconsistent in the latter ones, most notably in those that originate from recently suffixed postpositions.
Considering the two agreement patterns in the attributive clause, number agreement between the complement and the head holds much more rigorously than case agreement. As a matter of fact, number agreement extends to many other syntactic patterns and is attested widely in the Uralic languages (Dalrympl, Nikolaeva 2006; Honti 1997; [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] 1979; Ravila 1941), whereas case agreement occurs in the Finnic languages only.
The way the given cases violate the case agreement rule is not uniform either.
By 1995, the large corporate audit case agreement rate increased from less than 25% to over 75%; the percentage of audit dollars agreed on improved to 25%.
In the CASE agreement, however, payment was conditioned upon N.R.C dismissal of the licensing board.
Illegal kickback relationships are also scrutinized, with payers often refusing to issue authorizations or single case agreements while the investigation process plays out.
The city sued just in case agreements aren't reached, Royer said.