cascara sagrada

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dried bark of the cascara buckthorn used as a laxative

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And cascara sagrada, a supplement made from the bark of the American buckthorn tree, is considered a natural laxative.
New York, New York 10016 Home Remedy May Help Prevent Surgery in Some Patients with Gallstones (North American Primary Care Research Group) Results of a study examining the efficacy of a traditional home remedy for inducing gallstone expulsion using lemon juice, olive oil, cascara sagrada, and garlic/castile enemas suggested that this protocol has the potential to safely eliminate the need for gallstone surgery in a substantial percentage of patients.
Finally, stop taking any laxative containing Cascara sagrada. This herb has an abrasive action that irritates the colon.
Cascara sagrada and senna are excreted into breast milk and are compatible with breast-feeding, although they may cause diarrhea in a nursing infant.
Six botanicals are recognized as OTC (over-the-counter) drugs, notably cascara sagrada, senna and psyllium, all as laxatives.
Senna (Cassia senna or Cassia augustifolia) and cascara sagrada (Rhamnus purshiana) are found in many laxative, digestive and "colon cleanser" products, such as Senokot, Ex-Lax, Naturalax, Natural Swiss Kriss Herbal Laxative, Health Plus Super Colon Cleanser and Swedish Bitters.