cascara sagrada

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dried bark of the cascara buckthorn used as a laxative

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1] Cobre 176,3 162,6 138,0 110,0 Ferro 2305,3 2050,0 1456,6 1253,3 Manganes 202,1 255,3 180,6 229,3 Zinco 285,6 317,3 252,0 90,0 * C1-Composto produzido a partir de esterco + residuos de unha de gato; C2-Composto produzido a partir de esterco + residuos de cascara sagrada; C3-Composto produzido a partir de esterco + ipe roxo; C4-Composto produzido a partir de esterco + mistura de residuos de unha de gato, cascara sagrada, ipe roxo e boldo, respectivamente.
And cascara sagrada, a supplement made from the bark of the American buckthorn tree, is considered a natural laxative.
Home Remedy May Help Prevent Surgery in Some Patients with Gallstones (North American Primary Care Research Group) Results of a study examining the efficacy of a traditional home remedy for inducing gallstone expulsion using lemon juice, olive oil, cascara sagrada, and garlic/castile enemas suggested that this protocol has the potential to safely eliminate the need for gallstone surgery in a substantial percentage of patients.
Finally, stop taking any laxative containing Cascara sagrada.
Cascara sagrada and senna are excreted into breast milk and are compatible with breast-feeding, although they may cause diarrhea in a nursing infant.
Six botanicals are recognized as OTC (over-the-counter) drugs, notably cascara sagrada, senna and psyllium, all as laxatives.
My natural laxative contains the herbs senna and cascara sagrada.