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an older or native quarter of many cities in northern Africa


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Quant au chapitre de la renovation, [beaucoup moins que]le mieux est d'aller vite pendant que la Casbah est encore debout sur ses etais en bois[beaucoup plus grand que], a conclu l'auteur d'[beaucoup moins que]Alger la Mystique[beaucoup plus grand que].
1992: 7th International Chamber Music Competition in Tokyo--First Prize; Prize tour Tokyo and Osaka; Steffisburg CH, Bonn (Casbah with Volker Grewel), Ashland OR, University of Oregon-Eugene, Portland State University OR
During the Algerian struggle for independence between 1954 and 1962, the complex layout of the Casbah was crucial to the insurgency planning of the National Liberation Front and others, providing shelter and escape routes back from terrorist attacks on French citizens and other targets.
The casbah was welcoming and people treated us with care, but we did have police who knew everyone--or were known as clearly as if they had not been in plain clothes.
Abdelkader Ammour, the Casbah-born President of the Casbah Foundation, a private conservation group, says neglect by the state became so profound at one point that there was talk for a time of removing the Casbah from the UNESCO list.
The Middlesbrough-based company, which has made hits including Miami Vice and Dark Wind, is backing the sole North-East appearance of The Casbah Club at The Studio in Hartlepool.
CASBAH CLUB King Tut's, Glasgow, September 19 ##### Casbah Club are an interesting mix, made up by former band members of Big Country, The Jam and The Silencers.
And all that salt isn't even necessary, as Casbah Lentil Pilaf and RiceSelect Chef's Originals Smokey Cowboy Beans and Rice amply demonstrate.
THE STORY: Pepe Le Moko (Jean Gabin) is a wily Parisian gangster who hides out in the casbah of Algiers, where the police can never catch him.
Sharing the bus as it makes its merry way through the Lake District are members of his new band -The Casbah Club.
On the live front, got to see two great San Diego bands last weekend at the Casbah. The Vexors feature Zach Connelly, the former team goon for 151 on guitar, but have an all-around solid lineup as a six piece.
While it offers more evidence that the region is in the grip of a liberationist pop culture frenzy (see "Look Who's Rocking the Casbah," June), it also demonstrates that even the region's pop fandom can fall prey to conspiracy theories and divisiveness.
That is when I learned from the newspapers that in the Algiers Casbah a leader of the FLN and his young woman companion were holding out against the assaults of the French army.
The Army exchanges fire with militants as they assault their main target, the Casbah, or Old City.
The Hain Food Group, Inc., Uniondale, N.Y., plans to acquire Natural Nutrition Group, Inc., Chicago, a leading manufacturer and marketer of premium natural and organic food products in the United States sold under the Health Valley, Breadshop's and Casbah brands.