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any of several plants of the genus Manihot having fleshy roots yielding a nutritious starch

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Entao elas nao eram modelos de conduta de maneira completa, ja que sinalizavam duas possibilidades de escolha: ou voce seguia uma carreira ou voce se casava. Uma das consequencias de frequentar a universidade naquela epoca era adquirir uma experiencia bem diferente dessa do ambiente supercentrado na orientacao vocacional que as universidades tem hoje.
Demultiplexing of the raw sequencing data and generation of the fastq files was done with CASAVA version 1.8.2.
Raw sequences were obtained using the Illumina GA Pipeline software CASAVA v1.8, which was expected to generate 10 million reads per sample.
The image was obtained using CASAVA 1.6 module to transfer BCL format into FASTQ format.
Fluorescent images were analyzed with the Illumina CASAVA 1.8 software to obtain FASTQ-formatted sequence data of the short reads.
Speaking to Reuters, da Silva said any coordination should involve avoiding unilateral export bans and encouraging subsitution of foods, for instance the eating of beans in Latin American and of casava in Africa.
Logo que se casava, diz Vera, as mocas "ja amarravam lenco.
53) I que amb la fama que And with the reputation li feia, si no es he was giving her if she if she didn't casava amb ell didn't marry him she'd marry him she'd s'hauria de quedar per end up dressing saints.
Ela vira para o marido e pergunta, "Se eu morresse voce casava outra vez?" O marido responde, "Claro que nao!"
Trish says: "We'll be using not only plantain and rice but also vegetables such as casava to present a new image of 'poshed-up' African cooking.