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dry seed-like fruit produced by the cereal grasses: e

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Controls were obtained from caryopses and had the same chronologic age that plants obtained in vitro (4 months).
Similar results of inhibition of the germination process for barnyardgrass caryopses were recorded with the use of aqueous extracts of Secale cereale L.
Similarly, Drennan and Bain (1987) reported 15[degrees]C as an optimum for germinating dormant caryopses of P.
Phenolic compounds in embryos of triticale caryopses at different stages of development and maturation in normal environment and after dehydration treatment.
Apart from studies of its spread area, caryopses and morphological characteristics [18], no published information exists on the establishment of the species.
Immature embryos were dissected from young caryopses under a stereo binocular and the embryonic axis was bisected longitudinally to destroy the embryonic axis, then after 3 days remaining embryonic tissue at the half scutellum tissue was removed.
Poaceae caryopses, Artemisia flowers, Phlox capsules) indicate the deposit was formed between ca.
1964) or processed to remove all appendages leaving only caryopses (Beisel, 1985).
The purpose of this work is to describe the ultrastructure of the leaf blade, ligule, auricles and caryopses from three populations of O.
They noted that some burs were broken during passage, but did not account for any caryopses released from the burs, nor did they provide a numerical estimate of burs surviving passage.
and Lupinus argenteus Pursch), grasses characterized by caryopses with lemmas that have bent or twisted awns (Deschampsia cespitosa (L.
The caryopses were surface sterilized for 1 min in 90% ethanol and rinsed three times in sterile distilled water.
The caryopses were immersed in ethanol (70%) with vigorous stirring to dissolve the waxy substances can permeate their integument; they are then freed of ethanol by washing with sterile distilled water.
Caryopses were categorized into three size classes (small, medium, and large) of equal groat weight among genotypes as described in the following section.