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a supporting column carved in the shape of a person

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However, on turning to the woman in Le Jardin carrying plants in a basket on her head, we discover that she is a replica of the left caryatid in Hortus.
From here the visitor may continue to the top floor where the Parthenon works are displayed and then return to the first floor to view works relating to the temple of Athena Nike, the Propylaia, the Erechtheion with a dazzling presentation of the Caryatids on a balcony and conclude the tour with a range of works from the 5th c BCE to the 5th CE ranging from the Classical to the Hellenistic through the Roman periods.
In addition, the front of the instrument features two bronze cast 24-carat, gold-plated caryatids.
The massive complex, with sphinxes, an impressive mosaic and two finely sculpted, seven-foot female statues called caryatids, was too luxurious to be financed by a single person and was likely the tomb of a "prominent person," the lead excavator, Katerina Peristeri, said in a statement.
When I close my eyes and think of this collection, I see myself in captivating Baalbek, surrounded by caryatids, feathered like doves, ushering guests into their millennial temple.
Since then the tomb has also yielded a colourful floor mosaic depicting the abduction of Persephone, the daughter of Zeus, the supreme deity of ancient Greece, as well as two sculpted female figures known as Caryatids.
Half Doric half Corinthian columns, dwarf Ionic columns, cement caryatids, timid copies and decadent versions of Vignola built by any number of overseers, contributing to the extension of the city at the end of the nineteenth century.
Sculpted of abstract oblongs that particularly recall the series of caryatids that Modigliani executed between 1912 and 1914 (Modigliani 2005, 105-114) and to a lesser extent the work of Matisse, Lin's figure paintings can be sinuously rhythmic and sensual, but their appeal, measured by the hundreds of thousands they fetch at auction, probably has more to do with their au courant integration of Chinese and Western elements, and with their bright, flat, forthright surfaces, which make them accessible and decorative.
For the past three months, this extraordinary study accomplished a series of fascinating discoveries in the tomb, from the two gigantic ( sphinxes at the tomb entrance, the two beautifully carved ( Caryatids to the ( mosaic floor at the second chamber describing the abduction of the Greek goddess Persephone.
Not discussing these threads well-identified in the Polish literary studies, I shall end these architectural-literary analyses with a quotation from a text highly significant in this view, Dwa miasta [Two cities]ofAdam Zagajewski, in which the lost matter of Lviv touches upon the alien matter of Gliwice, and where the childhood spatial experience and the emigrational spatial experience of the adult writer overlap: "[...] I was thoroughly convinced, that when walking on the streets of Gliwice, among Prussian Art Nouveau tenement houses ornamented with heavy granite caryatids, I am actually there.
Brook's biographer, Michael Kustow, the audience "was wrapped in a tapestry of noise that swept the entire space; members of the chorus were planted throughout the auditorium, live caryatids were bound to the pillars and balconies ...
Isn't Pete's pa Pa's past paste paster, plaster pilaster (pilasters and caryatids both, actually) painter Paul?
Farther still, distrustful peasants tried to kill him with pitchforks; in a stream he laid traps, bathed, dried off on the bank, and seeing him so beautiful, the washerwomen stopped rinsing their laundry and, chirping, stood up, leaning again as though they did not want to see, caryatids suddenly surrounded by a farandole of crazed fauns, bent over by the weight of the erect poem.
Another poignant pairing in the exhibition was Michael Snow's Solar Breath (Northern Caryatids) (2002) with Charles Stankievech's LOVELAND (2009-11).
The concept was to create individual objects with a communal theme that had the Greek caryatids as a starting point.