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a supporting column carved in the shape of a person

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The exhibition was dominated by sculptures for the proposed Temple of Kosovo designed by Mestrovic: caryatids and standing figures depicting heroes and victims connected with the Serbian national myth of victimhood and resurrection, the Battle of Kosovo of 1389.
In each case, Moskowitz points to specific formal elements - caryatid supports, a sarcophagus sculpted with scenes from the life of the saint - that derive from Dominic's tomb.
As this narrator's adventures on his trolley rides grow ever crazier, as the eccentrics and paranoiacs become more burdensome, as his encounters grow more outlandish and oppressive--that is how much funnier the book becomes, chapter by chapter, until it culminates in an unexpectedly tender, quiet love scene, although (this is Jonke) it takes place between himself, a regular human being, and a caryatid, one of those stone columns in the shape of a woman that are seen all over Vienna (translated and published in this issue).
But we must also research like adults: be prepared at least to look up the etymologies to the senses of gust, or to entertain the possibility that the dandelion with its gray globe of crowded seeds still intact may be both a caryatid and that needle which supported the angels of the Schoolmen.
Randee Paufve's 99 acres, co-choreographed with Beth Harris, and Caryatid, co-choreographed with Nina Haft, are molten sculptures whose forms materialize then dissolve with every new phrase, leaving behind a memory of great organic beauty.
Only a look shot my way from the rigid face of a stone woman, a caryatid, whose hands were holding the balcony of a building hoisted toward the sky in such a way that she could have hurled it at any time.
Dr Simon Thurley, English Heritage chief executive, who travelled to Liverpool for the launch, described the Small Concert Room, with neo-classical caryatid figures shouldering its balconies as ``fantastic''.
The specialist shops with their elegant frontages and distinctive caryatid figures and the pavement cafes and bars looking across the street to Montpellier Gardens have a stylish Continental atmosphere.
55) Such as in another of Boissard's emblems: de Dieu vient le scavoir des effets de a nature (18-19) where two men of learning, dressed in Greco-Roman attire, contemplate a polymast mother-nature caryatid (the Artemis of Epheseus).
The book shows the different styles at one point and these include leaf cups, full-tip cups (where the point of the horn was left intact), raft-cups where the side of the horn was carved out like a boat and then there were goblet cups, caryatid cups (which is the one generally seen) and several more.
2), and caryatid plates and bowls have, in their turn, enthralled a handful of enthusiasts, drawn to their impeccable 'design' and their extreme refinement.
Most photographic reproductions of Wheeler's sculptures for the Threadneedle Street facade tend to isolate the two groups of telamon and caryatid figures that rise behind the balustrade, and for good reason.
The CE marking process for CARYATID VBR[R] is under way, and FDA clearance is expected for the second quarter of 2012.
Modigliani's drawing in blue crayon of a caryatid is wonderfully elegant; there are charming portraits by Degas of his sister, by Joshua Reynolds of a young ensign in the Royal Navy, by Corot of a woman reading, by Sisley of his son, Pierre, also reading, and by Veronese of a page boy.