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a large knife used to carve cooked meat

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They were followed by the original Nintendo Game Boy, electric carving knives, pop-up toasters and bread makers.
The men, armed with carving knives, took cash and fled.
Carving knives should be kept in a clean, dry, well-lit area.
The thieves had brandished two carving knives and tied up terrified shop owner William Baxter, taping his mouth and hands together before emptying his safe.
FARMERS' wives are supposed to do things like run after blind mice with carving knives.
The wide assortment of products available include carving knives, utility knives, diving knives, hunting and outdoors knives, collectibles, swords, throwing knives and axes, folding/locking blades, and knives for personal protection.
A BUTCHER tasered by police outside Buckingham Palace as he brandished two carving knives while threatening to kill himself has avoided jail.
Like cordless carving knives and titanium blenders.
A POLICE patrol pointed their firearms at a man carrying four carving knives, a court heard yesterday.
A TEENAGER attacked gardai with carving knives before turning the blade on himself, a court heard yesterday.
Up to 50 people fought with machetes, carving knives, hatchets and at least one gun when rival Triad gangs clashed on O'Connell Street yesterday.
As they struggled, the gunman's girlfriend rushed over, brandishing two carving knives, and slashed Richard across the arm and face.