carving knife

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a large knife used to carve cooked meat

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52PM Maslin in Wilkinson store with carving knife he later to murder
According to the private news agency a group of Syrians living in Gaziantep's Zeynel Abidin Avenue allegedly chased after children who were playing ball on the street with a large carving knife for making so much noise on Tuesday night.
She went to smack him across the face and when he blocked it, went to the kitchen, got a carving knife with a nine-inch blade and marched towards him threatening to stab him.
McGuinness allegedly punched the man several t imes as the ordeal dragged on, and heated the carving knife with the torch before holding it to his chest for several seconds.
Maria Scott, 28, was stopped by police as she walked towards the home of Nicholas Grogan with a carving knife, Liverpool crown court heard.
And on October 24 last year the victim continued to goad Clelend, who then armed himself with a carving knife from his mother's kitchen.
After the guilty verdict, it emerged that 65-yearold Landry, who beat Lucy over the head with a rolling pin before stabbing her 23 times with a carving knife, had tried to kill a US love rival back in October 1994.
Declan had just left the Spongate News Lifestyle Express store, in Upper Spon Street, when he was stabbed with a large carving knife at about 5.
Rees was making gestures as if he had a weapon and his partner Heidi Cannon was in the window drawing a carving knife across her wrists and throat.
If it were a battle of the chefs, there wouldn't be a lot in it, but Worrall Thompson's has the edge on Pierre White's electric carving knife.
He said: "You stabbed your sister with a large carving knife in the living room of your home.
The 10-piece block set pink set will feature its 7-inch granton edge santoku knife, along with an 8-inch carving knife, an 8-inch bread knife, a 6-inch serrated utility knife, a carving fork, sharpening steel, peeler, parer and "Take-A-Part" kitchen shears.
Somewhere between a carving knife, a pumpkin, and a collection of books, Opaleen is freed of her wifely duties.
Saulbrey grabbed a carving knife, a rather large one, from the kitchen, and faced off the scoundrel.
Among the sharp-bladed items sold - some to people as young as 13 - were a sickle, an axe and a carving knife, the Trading Standards Institute (TSI) said.