carving knife

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a large knife used to carve cooked meat

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On November 17, a female member of staff was witnessed selling a carving knife to the teenager, acting as a volunteer, prosecutor Jonathan Ball, for the council said.
The knife was a huge carving knife, around eight inches long." The witness, who was THE at the Bird in the Hand pub, said the boy's friends tried to go after the attackers but could not stop them before they got away.
"He (Dalton-Byrne) was clearly walking around with a large carving knife which appears normal for him."
We spotted one, a rather large carving knife, down a manhole cover quite a few years back.
Once your ham is done cooking, remove it from the oven and using a carving knife, cut small diamond shapes into the larger section of the ham.
The shooting took place at the Hornsby Organic Food Markets located in the North of Sydney on Thursday when police were called to the mall to subdue a 23-year-old man brandishing a large carving knife before the crowds, website reported.
He said the most signifi-cant factor was the stab wound with the carving knife which went into the left temple and into the left side of the brain.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- A group of Syrian refugees who allegedly chased a group of children with a carving knife because they were making too much noise while playing were taken from a district of Gaziantep by police to be relocated in a refugee camp in the province, the Doy-an news agency reported on Wednesday.
The Bulgarian decapitated her with a carving knife snatched from a store where she was shopping in Los Cristianos, Tenerife, in 2011.
Tribute to her, all now hangs on airer Hauled to ceiling height and she addresses Sunday joint, cold beef with carving knife, And magics up crisped bubble and squeak in pans.
A DRUNK who stabbed a schoolboy in the neck with a carving knife in a shop has been found guilty of attempted murder.
Worth nearly pounds 26 each, the prize includes a superb Kitchen Devils Carving Set which comes complete with a super sharp carving knife and fork and a Kitchen Devils Knife Sharpener.
THE brilliant Benidorm was back on Friday night and was sharper than a carving knife at an all-you-can-eat buffet.
Russell Hobbs Marco Pierre White electric carving knife
A FATHER who took a carving knife and went looking for the thug who glassed his daughter has been given a suspended prison sentence.