carving fork

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a large fork used in carving cooked meat

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The other resident entered the room to calm him and he was greeted with a carving fork which he had picked up and pointed at him.
a 51/2-inch boning fillet and an 8-inch Bowie-style butcher--plus a 10-inch wood/bone saw, game shears, carving fork, brisket spreader, tungsten carbide V-sharpener, game cleaning gloves, cutting board and a hard-sided carrying case.
Everyone who follows the FX biker drama series "Sons of Anarchy" wants Gemma Teller (Katey Sagal) dead after putting a carving fork on Tara's head.
Remove the pork from the sauce with a carving fork and shred, then place the shredded meat on a plate, cover with foil and set aside.
A JEALOUS teenager stabbed her boyfriend with a carving fork after finding out he had cheated on her.
1 PREPARATION IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS Have a decent, sharp carving knife and carving fork in place before lunch is ready.
The range is comprehensive with 12 high performance knives, including 4 Santoku knives, a carving fork and matching sharpening steel.
The carving fork features long, strong tines and sharp piercing tips.
Insert a carving fork into body cavity, piercing carcass; lift bird and tilt to drain juices into pan (save for gravy if you like).
Trading standards officers in Westminster bought 27 knives and one carving fork from five well-known retailers' websites.
The Game-Processor comes with Smith [R]'s tungsten-carbide V-sharpener, a 5 1/2-inch carving fork, a 10-inch wood/bone saw, game shears, cutting board, Steel Stick/brisket spreader, and a set of six surgical game-cleaning gloves.
Mampre suggests purchasing spots on cooking shows, and even home shopping club networks where retailers can promote holiday packages that include a roasting pan, baster, turkey, mit, carving fork and knife at a special price.
Mark Stephens, 44, told the jury at Swansea Crown Court Crown he has no recollection of how he came to have the knife or a carving fork which were used in the attack on his 67-year-old mother Rita.