carving fork

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a large fork used in carving cooked meat

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Prosecutors claim Dickson"did repeatedly strike him on the body with a carving fork to his injury"on June 8 last year.
"The other resident entered the room to calm him and he was greeted with a carving fork which he had picked up and pointed at him.
"One Christmas Day I cooked a chicken which was underdone and he stabbed me in the leg with the carving fork. He refused to let me go to hospital and stitched the wound himself.
The NRA Show Promotion includes a "Chef's Special"; three essential kitchen tools from the professional line: an 8" butcher knife, a heavy duty 12" carving fork, and a flexible 3x5 turner/ spatula.
Last June Mark Stephens, 44, fatally stabbed his 67-year-old mother, Rita Stephens, in the head and face with a carving knife and carving fork at the home they shared in Tonteg, Pencoed, Bridgend.
And he accepted he also stabbed her in the face with a matching carving fork and caused her injuries including fractured ribs.
These were serrated blades, a knife, a large carving knife and a carving fork.
a 51/2-inch boning fillet and an 8-inch Bowie-style butcher--plus a 10-inch wood/bone saw, game shears, carving fork, brisket spreader, tungsten carbide V-sharpener, game cleaning gloves, cutting board and a hard-sided carrying case.
Everyone who follows the FX biker drama series "Sons of Anarchy" wants Gemma Teller (Katey Sagal) dead after putting a carving fork on Tara's head.
DESCRIPTION: This set contains an 8-inch Hollow Edge Carving Knife and a 6-inch Carving Fork. The hollow edge creates air pockets between the blade and the food, preventing sticking and allowing for a clean, effortless cut.
I stab her in the back of the head with a carving fork. I thought for sure people are going to hate this character now, it's going to be awful.
Remove the pork from the sauce with a carving fork and shred, then place the shredded meat on a plate, cover with foil and set aside.
A JEALOUS teenager stabbed her boyfriend with a carving fork after finding out he had cheated on her.
1 PREPARATION IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS Have a decent, sharp carving knife and carving fork in place before lunch is ready.