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Synonyms for carving

Synonyms for carving

a sculpture created by removing material (as wood or ivory or stone) in order to create a desired shape

removing parts from hard material to create a desired pattern or shape

creating figures or designs in three dimensions

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Another popular carving, the matau, or fish hook, is said to be good luck for fishermen heading off to sea.
Now she does both jobs, and as "West Yollowstone's only carving therapist," she's found a motto that sums up her talents: "There's no knot I can't get rid of.
When you're carving 100 or 200 executives out of a company, and you're giving them big face amounts of coverage, and you're pooling that with all your other lives, if you don't have a big enough pool, you're going to have to play with your rates," said Laprade.
Created by students on a wood carving course at Northumberland College's Kirkley Hall campus, near Ponteland, they depict various aspects of Collingwood's life, including his ship the Royal Sovereign, and his home, Collingwood House in Morpeth.
Fletcher tells us that in his 1935 solo exhibition (his first) he planned to show Death (Lynched Figure) paired with a carving called Birth, both 1934.
I visited some intriguing rock carvings recently at Leiknes in Nordland, Norway.
For Brother Juan Sandoval, carving has really transformed his life.
In 1982, the local government began training a new generation of local artisans in the craft of wood carving.
Pitman began to experiment in wood carving around this time, although it is not known exactly when he began.
Carving is sharp and crisp, as if contemporary, despite being constructed over 16 centuries ago and the stylized details (presumed, like classical triglyphs, to be petrified timber details) are typical of the Aksumite style.
Despite appearances, this concept vehicle, the Mercedes F 400 Carving, doesn't have a broken suspension system.
Another carving from the 1850s is thought to have been the work of Kit Carson, the famous frontiersman.
Carving out even small stakes in subsidiaries will likely lead to complete and irreversible separation.
The same bidder acquired the oak refectory table with planked top standing on chamfered legs, despite fierce telephone bidding to a figure of pounds 2,100 together with a set of four oak chairs with pierced back rail and scratch carving at pounds 450.
Carving is leaning into a turn so the snowboard glides downhill on one edge, like a knife blade carving the snow.