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Synonyms for carven

made for or formed by carving ('carven' is archaic or literary)


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Behind him the tense figure of the girl, motionless as a carven statue.
Fifteen minutes of silence passed, the blind man as if carven of stone, the dog, trembling with eagerness under the articulate touch of his fingers, obeying the bidding to make no sound.
For every statue, cut gem, shrine, carven screen, or what else might please the eye of a learned clerk, there are a good hundred to our one.
A great king-post, half a hundred feet in length, seasoned by centuries of superstitious care, carven into dynasties of gods, each superimposed, each helmeted, each seated in the open mouth of a crocodile, was slung by ropes, twisted of climbing vegetable parasites, from the apex of a tripod of three great forest trunks, themselves carved into grinning and grotesque adumbrations of man's modern concepts of art and god.
The Emperor's face was like a carven image, but his tone was cold and terrible.
Under the agreement, Marka will open seven Carven stores in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries by 2018.
Summary: Marka announces plans to open seven Carven stores in the GCC by 2018.
SAS & Company distributes and markets perfumes and beauty products from a portfolio of leading brands such as Burberry, Carven, One Direction and Rihanna.
The escapism effect was felt most strongly at Maison Martin Margiela and Marni, where the finest fabrics were cut in cheongsam or kimono shapes, while at Carven and Lanvin, antique pottery prints were splashed on sporty separates.
FRENCH fashion house Carven has launched a new men's scent, Carven Pour Homme (from PS35).
Joining it on shelves this month is a revamped Carven Vetiver which was created in 1957 as a salute to the panache of Madame Carven's husband Phiippe Mallet.
On the morning after their conversation, Aragorn leaves Eowyn, "still as a figure carven in stone, her hands clenched at her sides" (V.
It provided a fun, interactive and convenient way for our members to direct BJ's funding to organizations and missions that resonate with them," says Kerry Carven, manager of community affairs for the Westborough, Mass.
At the crossroads to Minas Morgul, the sight of the carven head of the old king lit by the sun and crowned with flowers leads Frodo to exclaim, "They cannot conquer forever" (687).