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an outgrowth on a plant or animal such as a fowl's wattle or a protuberance near the hilum of certain seeds

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Generally, the length of the caruncle is the same in all three species.
Prostomium rounded, entire; caruncle extending to end of chaetiger 2; no occipital tentacle; holotype with three eyes (Fig.
Although a urethral caruncle can be seen in the prepubertal period, it is often observed in the postmenopausal period as in our case.
A urethral caruncle can signal certain disorders and these should be looked for.
T-I lesions are those where only the bulbar conjunctiva is involved, T-II if there is corneal involvement, T-III for involvement of the fornix, caruncle or tarsal conjunctiva, and T-IV for tumours invading the eyelid, intraocular, orbit, skin or sinuses involvement.
The patient had been treated with steroid ointment for a year at another hospital, but bleeding from the caruncle had still been observed occasionally.
2] Macroscopically, a caruncle is a nodular or pedunculated erythematous lesion that may bleed easily.
Not everyone finds the caruncles of Muscovy ducks attractive, but they are a conversation point.
On strutting birds, I prefer a head-on shot, aimed just above the base of the beard and slightly below the caruncles on the lower neck.
But on the second, as I hunted from a different ground blind, my arrow hit the bulbous red caruncles at the base of the neck on a mature gobbler with an audible thwack
With its bright red caruncles and its knobbly snood festooned over its wrinkly head, the white turkey has taken the crown in an ugliest turkey competition.
Pick, if you will, from cheesecake pictures of The Black, The White or The Bronze, all complete with varying degree of caruncles.
Number two has a blue-red face with loose caruncles and a floppy snood.
A complete lack of hymenal tissue at the posterior rim and the presence of caruncles suggest significant stretch trauma and may signal possible chronic abuse, Dr.
Urethral Conditions, Diverticulum, Strictures, Differential Diagnosis or Paraurethral Masses, Cysts or Abscesses of Skene's Glands, Gartner Duct Cysts, Cysts of Bartholin Cysts, Adenomas, Urethral Prolapse, and Urethral Caruncles