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Synonyms for cartwheel

a wheel that has wooden spokes and a metal rim

acrobatic revolutions with the body turned sideways and the arms and legs outstretched like the spokes of a wheel

a dollar made of silver

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do cartwheels: perform an acrobatic movement using both hands and feet

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The Shakey's V-League's best players gathered-and did cartwheels at the request of the crowd-in Sunday night's 2016 All-Star Game for the benefit of the victims of Typhoon Lawin in North Luzon.
Cartwheel is credited with deepening customer engagement and loyalty, especially among younger shoppers.
6) Novel cell free assay for cartwheel assembly and centriole formation.
Robert Didier of artisan bakers Orchard Pigs, with his cartwheel pies and 'dragon eggs'
Darlington leaped over 42 inches in the air after picking the ball, almost at the exact same moment that he completed the cartwheel.
I chose to create the foot-and-mouth virus as I have always been interested by it, and amazingly enough it is very similar to the image of the Cartwheel nebula.
A hop, skip and a jump and I launched myself into (and out of) a perfect cartwheel.
ROBBIE KEANE has promised to bring back his cartwheel celebration (above) if Tottenham get past Arsenal at White Hart Lane tonight and go on to Carling Cup glory at Wembley.
Gary Charboneau, a drugstore marketing veteran who launched the Duane Reade Dollar Rewards program, has joined the advisory board at Cartwheel LLC, a loyalty marketing consultancy based here.
But as he tried to do the cartwheel, he tipped sideways and landed on his back.
And he only has to look to his close family member Keane - renowned for his cartwheel celebrations - to see how it's done, the Spurs star having banked more than a century of goals in league football.
I could no more do a cartwheel than fly to the moon.
She has always been helpful to other students, taking the time to explain whatever questions came her way about research, problem sets, and the finer points of doing a cartwheel," wrote one student in a letter nominating Boettcher.
I was supposed to roll a hula-hoop onto the stage, do a cartwheel, and then grab the hoop.