cartridge fuse

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a fuse cased in a tube

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3 x 16 mm, it is a smaller alternative to 5 x 20 mm cartridge fuses with equal technical specifications, saving valuable board space to allow for further downsizing.
If the cartridge fuse is in a pull-out or quick disconnect type of housing, it can be removed and replaced with relative ease (Fig.
Tenders are invited for Hrc Double Cartridge Fuse Link Single Pole 800 V Rms,500 Amps, Off Set Tag Model, Bolt Fixing Type For Germanium Silicon Rectifier Similar To Ge Type Rgs: 500 Conforming To Is 13703 Part I And Ii/1993.
Tenders are invited for Glass Cartridge Fuse 1 Amps With Fitting Holder.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Round Head Type Non Detoriating Type Low Voltage Cartridge Fuse As Per Specn No.
Many disconnect blocks contain two cartridge fuses.