cartridge clip

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a metal frame or container holding cartridges

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Repeat-O-Type most recently introduced refill kits for the HP DeskJet 700/800, 900 and PhotoSmart series printers, which include special starter solution, cartridge clip, and syringe.
With the exception of the cartridge clips, the 9mm version of the LCR is essentially the same as the other calibers.
During the First World War, the company expanded to take on 18,000 workers as it contracted to manufacture each week 25 million rifle cartridges, 300,000 revolver cartridges, 500,000 cartridge clips, 110,000 18-pounder brass casesand 300 tons of cordite.
A handgun with three cartridge clips and a grenade were found on the clash scene.
The seized weapons were 18 Ak-47 (kalashnikov) rifles, three Kirikkale rifles, two bayonets, one RPG-7 rocket launcher, 273 gelatin dynamites, 26 cartridge clips, and 230 cartridges.